How to Boost the Value of Your Programs with Printables

Boost Programs with Printables

What are Printables?

Printables, in a broad sense, refer to digital documents, pages, or creative designs that can be printed by individuals themselves.

These printables are typically downloaded as PDF or image files and come in various types, sizes, designs, and purposes.

There is a wide range of printables that can be created, including

  • journals,
  • planners,
  • worksheets,
  • checklists,
  • spreadsheets,
  • monthly calendars,
  • to-do lists,
  • reference sheets,
  • cheat sheets,
  • templates,
  • and anything else that can enhance a product or program.

In the context of coaching programs or courses, printables can be any printable materials that help customers brainstorm, track progress, stay organized, perform calculations, create their own documents, and much more.

We will delve deeper into this topic later, but for now, let’s focus on the versatility and usefulness of printables.

Why Are Printables Such Value-Boosting Content?

When coaches or creators of online courses want to enhance the value of their products, they often resort to certain strategies.

These may include increasing the amount of course content or providing additional coaching or one-on-one sessions with clients.

While these approaches have their merit, we believe that your time and your clients’ time are too valuable to be solely focused on these aspects.

Instead, consider prioritizing content that simplifies the application of what you teach, enabling your clients to achieve their desired results.

It is important to recognize that there is a limit to the amount of time you can dedicate to your clients.

Simply adding more content to your course may overwhelm them and hinder their progress.

Ultimately, what your customers truly desire are not just more materials, but tangible outcomes.

They seek to reach their goals or solve the problems that you promised to assist them with.

This is where the concept of printables becomes relevant.

By incorporating printable resources into your course, you can provide practical tools that support your clients in implementing what they have learned.

These printables serve as valuable aids, empowering your clients to take action and achieve the results they desire.

Printables are powerful additions to a coaching program or course because:

Enhancing the perceived value of your coaching programs and courses can be achieved through the inclusion of supplementary materials.

By offering more than just the main materials, such as printable resources, you provide learners with additional tools to enhance their learning experience and practical application of the knowledge gained.

Printed materials hold a certain allure and are perceived as more valuable, as individuals can make notes, refer back to them, and physically interact with the content.

This added value allows you to charge higher prices, as tangible results can be demonstrated.

Printables play a powerful role in helping customers achieve better outcomes.

For instance, offering a planner with trackers alongside a 30-day weight loss coaching program showcases the resources required for successful progress.

When customers witness the positive results facilitated by these printables, they are more likely to return for future programs or products within your niche.

Consider a scenario where a customer completes their long-awaited book with the help of printables provided in an info product on writing.

This accomplishment not only leads to customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of them purchasing additional writing or publishing-related products from you.

As customers achieve better results, they become advocates for your product or program.

Satisfied with their accomplishments, they willingly share their success stories with friends, colleagues, and potential customers through testimonials and word-of-mouth promotion.

People enjoy sharing solutions to problems and their achievements, thus amplifying the reach and reputation of your offerings.

Creating printables is a time-efficient process, particularly when utilizing pre-existing templates tailored to your course content.

Ready-made templates, such as DFY PLR templates, ensure that the information provided aligns with the specific needs of your customers within their chosen niche.

The versatility of printables extends beyond enhancing your coaching programs and courses.

You can repurpose these resources into standalone digital products, catering to individuals seeking more affordable options.

By empowering a wider audience to find solutions independently, you expand your business’s reach and expose more people to your brand.

Additionally, printables serve as a valuable tool for generating new leads.

Offering digital products as a means of introducing potential clients to your vision allows them to become familiar with your expertise and offerings.

Satisfied customers who have benefited from the added value of printables are likely to recommend you to others or enroll in your other courses and programs.

The power of printables offers numerous opportunities to elevate your coaching programs, courses, and overall business growth.

They not only enhance the value perceived by customers but also serve as a means to generate leads and provide low-cost entry products into your more comprehensive offerings.

Why People Love Printables

If we discuss the popularity of printables, it is evident that they are highly sought-after products on platforms like Etsy.

Combining them with the guidance offered in coaching programs or courses makes them even more powerful in helping individuals overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

There are numerous reasons why people love printables.

Firstly, printables provide instant gratification as they can be downloaded directly to a computer or cloud, allowing users to start using them immediately without any shipping delays.

This is especially advantageous when printables are incorporated into your product or program, enabling clients to begin working on the solutions you provide.

Secondly, printables aid in better comprehension of concepts.

By breaking down complex problems or needs into easily understandable formats, digital products like printables help customers grasp information gradually.

For example, if you offer a printable checklist and to-do list for setting up an ecommerce website as part of your info product, clients will have a clear understanding of the steps they need to take.

Additionally, printables can be enjoyable.

They don’t have to consist solely of text; incorporating designs or images that evoke positive emotions can make them visually appealing and engaging for readers.

Furthermore, printables assist individuals in staying organized and on track.

Printable planners often include calendars, daily to-do lists, habit trackers, and goal-setting pages, facilitating effective planning and progress monitoring.

The reasons people love printables are diverse.

They find them helpful in progressing towards their goals, enjoyable to use, and witness tangible results when incorporating them into their routines.

Examples of Coaching Program or Course-Boosting Printables

Printables have a wide range of applications and can be incorporated into various niches and subjects.

Consider these seventeen examples of printables that can enhance your program or products.

These examples cover different niches, but with a little adjustment, they can be tailored to fit your specific niche as well.

1. For a financial coach targeting single millennial women aiming to overcome debt, a printable financial planner can be created.

2. If you’re a wedding planner coach, you can develop a wedding planner and checklist to complement your coaching program.

3. If your product revolves around a guide for new dog owners, you can include printables such as a daily grooming planner, a feeding schedule, vet care records, and a checklist of essential items for the new dog.

4. A success mindset program can provide mindset affirmation cards and a journal as printable resources.

5. If you specialize in selling a crochet guide, consider adding printable crochet patterns for stuffed animals, sweaters, scarves, and more.

6. Online business coaches focusing on setting up an online business can offer printables like finance tracking sheets, daily marketing campaign planners, and more.

7. A homeschool coach can provide printable flashcards and other teaching materials.

8. In the food niche, you can create printable food labels, recipe cards, and planners with sections for recipes, grocery lists, and budgeting.

9. If you sell a party game guide, consider adding printables such as party game instructions, invitations, toppers, gift tags, or party planning sheets.

10. A fitness coach can offer printables like exercise habit trackers, daily workout planners, calendars, and fitness journals.

11. A marketing coach can easily incorporate a content planner and a spreadsheet for tracking keywords.

12. An empty nest or midlife change coach can provide printables like meal planners for two people, workbooks for finding purpose, journals for self-discovery, or travel itinerary planners.

13. A book writing guide can include a publishing checklist, a workbook for developing topics, and a planner for organizing scenes.

14. A weight loss coach can offer printables such as a quick start cheat sheet, a healthy meal planner, and recipe cards.

15. An organization coach can add printables like cleaning checklists, a cheat sheet for donating items, a workbook for budgeting and deciding what to keep, and a journal for exploring emotional attachments.

16. In a 30-day weight loss coaching program, you can include a planner with diet and exercise trackers as a printable resource.

17. If you offer a course on book writing, consider providing printables like a planner, a book layout template, or a worksheet for creating antagonist storylines.

Regardless of the nature of your product or coaching program, there is always room to incorporate some form of printable resource.