Random Thoughts on Business Success 2

Random Thoughts on Businness

How to Make Money with Simple Ads

I cannot disclose the specific industry where this case study originated, but with some modifications, it can be applied to various popular niche markets.

What makes this approach particularly appealing is that you receive payment in advance, even before placing the advertisements.

Let’s dive into the details by examining the experience of our case study subject, Bob.

Bob is an entrepreneur who curates a valuable email newsletter, which he distributes for free.

The content he provides is exceptional, although he doesn’t personally generate most of it.

Instead, he leverages private label rights (PLR) materials and obtains permission to republish articles and blog posts.

With a subscriber base exceeding 25,000 individuals, Bob enjoys high open rates due to the quality of his newsletter.

This enables him to offer paid advertising opportunities within his publication.

To maintain the integrity of his content, Bob places the advertisements after the main portion of the newsletter.

It’s a straightforward process of copying and pasting the ads received from advertisers.

As the newsletter is delivered via email, Bob allows ads to occupy a complete page or even extend further if presented in an advertorial format.

Since Bob only permits one ad per newsletter, he can charge $300 for each placement.

What’s even better is that his newsletter is sent out as frequently as he secures paid ads, typically ranging from 20 to 25 times per month.

To ensure consistent engagement and readership, Bob ensures he sends at least 20 newsletters monthly, even during periods when he doesn’t have paid ads for all of them.

By multiplying 20 ads by $300 per ad, Bob generates a monthly revenue of $6,000.

It’s worth noting that Bob receives payment upfront and doesn’t need to develop any products aside from the newsletter itself.

Additionally, Bob has the advantage of promoting the available ad slots directly within the newsletter, thanks to the specific niche he operates in.

However, in certain niches, it may be necessary to advertise the ad space beyond the newsletter.

How to Make Money by Giving Away Profits

It’s common knowledge that offering generous affiliate commissions, ranging from 75-100% of profits, can attract more affiliates to promote your products.

This increased promotion leads to greater sales and a growing list of buyers that you can consistently market to.

However, what many don’t realize is that even when giving away these commissions, you can still generate significant profits from the products themselves.

For instance, consider creating an online marketing course and selling it at a price point of $10 or $50.

All the profits from these sales would be allocated to your affiliates.

However, within the course, you can strategically include affiliate links for recommended tools such as website hosting, autoresponders, and software.

By doing so, you have the opportunity to earn additional income through commissions.

Pat Flynn is a prime example of someone who has successfully employed this strategy. His monthly commissions from Bluehost alone exceeded $50,000.

He also promotes and earns commissions from various other programs like Leadpages, ConvertKit, Demio, BuzzSprout, WordPress themes, Teachable, Right Message, and more.

Essentially, he leverages his expertise in online marketing to endorse these programs and generate ongoing residual income.

When developing your own products, remember to incorporate relevant affiliate links where appropriate.

However, it’s crucial to only endorse products and services that you genuinely believe in to safeguard your reputation.

Additionally, it may be tempting to give away your product since it contains valuable affiliate links.

Nevertheless, free products often lack perceived value and tend to go unused.

On the other hand, when individuals invest their own money in a product, they are more likely to utilize it.

This presents an opportunity for them to click on your affiliate links and generate passive income for you.

How to Reduce Customer Queries

No matter the price of your product, whether it’s $7 or $7,000, customers will always have questions about how to use it.

In the make money online niche, for instance, people often inquire about website setup, autoresponder installation, or adding plugins to their sites.

In the past, it was understandable to seek assistance, but now we have two powerful tools at our disposal: Google and YouTube.

These platforms offer a wealth of information on any topic with just a quick search.

However, some individuals either forget about this option or simply choose not to utilize it. Consequently, I have developed a solution.

In every product I release, I include a statement like the following: “While I have made an effort to cover all the necessary information in this report/video/course, there may still be some gaps in your knowledge.

If you find yourself needing to learn something specific, such as setting up a WordPress site, I encourage you to take the initiative and search for answers on Google or YouTube.

YouTube, in particular, provides step-by-step videos that can assist you promptly.”

By following this approach, you can find immediate solutions to your queries.

If, for some reason, you are unable to find the answer you’re looking for, you are always welcome to submit a help request, and we will respond within 48 hours.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that Google and YouTube are often the most reliable sources for quickly addressing any small obstacles you may encounter.

Additionally, I have observed that individuals who proactively seek their own answers are twice as likely to achieve success.

Feel free to rephrase the above message in your own words.

I have personally experienced a 50% reduction in service requests by incorporating this type of language into my products.

Moreover, I believe that my customers are more satisfied because they can find immediate solutions to their questions instead of waiting for assistance.

As a time-saving measure, I often direct individuals to YouTube tutorials for generic inquiries like “How do I install WordPress.”

A Guide to Pop-Ups

If you’re unfamiliar with pop ups, they are those forms that suddenly appear on webpages asking for your information in exchange for a freebie.

While some people complain about them or find them annoying, using pop ups on your website can actually be beneficial if done correctly.

Optimized and targeted pop ups can significantly increase your email sign-ups and are more effective than sidebar forms or end-of-post forms.

However, there are some downsides to pop ups, such as appearing pushy or interrupting content consumption.

These issues can be addressed by timing the appearance of pop ups or using exit intent technology.

The strategy behind using pop ups involves attracting traffic with great content, enticing visitors to opt in with a compelling lead magnet, adding them to your email list, and building rapport through regular communication.

It’s important to offer valuable and targeted content in your lead magnet and to gradually introduce offers to your readers as they develop trust in you.

When choosing a pop up solution, consider factors like ease of design, cookie rules, A/B testing capabilities, segmentation options, exit intent functionality, analytics, and affordability.

Some recommended WordPress pop up plugins include Bloom Email Opt-Ins, Elementor Popups, HubSpot WordPress Plugin, Icegram, Ninja Popups, OptinMonster, Popup Builder, PopUp Domination, Popup Maker, Popups, and Sumo List Builder.

Remember to A/B test your pop up visuals and consider offering a targeted bribe rather than a generic newsletter opt-in for better results.

Craft your freebie offer to align with the content of the page it appears on.

For instance, if the page provides a recipe for a delectable chocolate cake, consider offering a book filled with various chocolate recipes or cake recipes.

If the page discusses methods for controlling garden pests, consider offering a book containing natural remedies for gardening.

Tailoring your freebie to match the page’s content almost always leads to higher conversion rates.

If possible, provide a paid version of your freebie that offers additional value.

For example, if your freebie teaches a specific skill, you can offer a software that simplifies the process for a fee.

By introducing an upsell after offering the freebie, some of your initial subscribers may be enticed to become paying customers.

Ensure that the offer is reasonably priced and closely aligned with the freebie’s value proposition.

Experiment with the timing of your pop-up to determine what works best for your audience.

You can choose to display the pop-up when the page loads, after a specific interval, or when the user is about to exit.

Generally, having the pop-up appear when the page loads tends to yield better results than delaying its appearance or displaying it upon exit.

However, it’s crucial to conduct your own tests to find the most effective timing strategy.

In conclusion, pop-ups can significantly boost the number of subscribers you acquire from your website.

Take a moment to consider the potential impact on your bottom line if you were to double or triple the number of new subscribers annually.

Installing pop-ups on your site is a worthwhile endeavor that can yield substantial benefits.

Is Your Business Capable of Generating 50K a Month?

Many marketers fail to consider a crucial aspect of their business until they realize they’re not making substantial profits.

However, this aspect is quite evident to outsiders observing their business.

It’s crucial to ask yourself two important questions: “Is your business capable of generating $10k per month?” and “Can your business be scaled up to $50k a month or more?”

For instance, if you only have a $7 eBook as your sole product, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll reach the $10k per month mark unless you heavily rely on affiliate programs.

To achieve this goal, you would need 1428 monthly buyers purchasing your $7 eBook. Additionally, you must consider your website traffic.

Are you attracting enough visitors to your sales pages to generate $10k per month?

Even if you offer high-ticket items, you still need a sufficient number of potential customers who can locate and purchase those products.

Regardless of how incredible your sales copy or sales funnel may be, if your business structure isn’t designed to generate the desired income, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

Think of it like driving a car: if you want to reach a speed of 100 miles per hour but your car can only reach a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour, you’ll never achieve your desired speed no matter how long you drive.

The same principle applies to your business—you need to establish it in a way that enables you to earn the income you desire.

To do so, it’s crucial to offer a variety of products and services at different price points to cater to different customers.

Provide them with options to upgrade and spend more money with you.

Alternatively, focus on building a responsive email list that pays attention to your recommendations and purchases your affiliate offers.

However, remember that you’ll need to continually attract new subscribers to your list and deliver valuable content to build trust when promoting affiliate offers.

To win the game and earn $10k per month, you must offer products and services totaling $10k in value to a targeted and sufficiently large audience who are willing to purchase.

Continuously create new offers, provide clear opportunities to buy, and never stop selling.

Whether it’s through your email newsletters, social media posts, or blog articles, always include links to purchase something.

Structure your business in a way that makes earning $10k per month possible, and then strive for even more growth.

Never become complacent. The best-selling product you have today may be forgotten tomorrow.

Always be proactive in adding new products, including links to sales pages, and consistently focus on selling.

Build a business that can generate the income you strive for, and soon you’ll find yourself questioning why you’re not earning $50k per month.

As you reach that milestone, you’ll set your sights on earning $100k per month.

Keep expanding and growing, and before you know it, the days of earning just a few hundred or thousand per month will become a distant memory.

Have You Got an Email List Yet?

If you possess email lists and have active Skype or Facebook accounts, you can explore a lucrative opportunity to make quick money.

Having the ability to see when people are online is crucial, which is why Skype or Facebook is necessary.

To begin, create a private webpage where interested buyers can make payments without search engines indexing it.

The key is to create a sense of urgency for customers, making them believe that time is limited and they must act promptly.

Identify the online users and send them individual private messages offering your advertising slots.

Mention that you are currently booking promo emails for the upcoming week or month and have an available slot in your newsletter’s P.S. section.

Provide details about your subscriber count and the price for the slot, such as $97 or $197, depending on the size of your list.

It’s important not to pressure potential customers. Let them know that if you don’t hear back from them, it’s alright because you are confident that the slots will sell out.

If your list is highly targeted or responsive, highlight this to prospects and adjust your pricing accordingly.

I personally know someone who consistently follows this strategy and instantly generates $500 to $2,000 within an hour. It almost seems like magic.

The best part is, this approach doesn’t harm their lists.

They still deliver valuable content in the body of the email, with the advertisement appearing only in the P.S. section.

On your payment page, include a contact form where advertisers can submit their ads.

Emphasize that you expect the entire week or month to be fully booked within an hour.

Follow up with advertisers a day or two after their ad runs to gather testimonials for your payment page and potentially sell them additional ads, such as promoted social media posts or paid search advertisements.

Motivational Calculation

Sometimes all we need is a little push to set us on the right path. Have you started building an email list? Are you actively growing your list and sending regular emails?

Consider this inspiring math:

If you earn $25 per hour in your job and work 40 hours a week, your pre-deduction income is $1,000 per week. That’s $52,000 per year for your 40-hour workweek.


If you have an email list and earn an average of $500 each time you send an email with a promotional link, and you send these emails four times a week, you can make $2,000 per week or $104,000 per year.

And the best part?

It only takes you about an hour to write an email. This means you’re working just four hours per week to earn twice the amount you make from your 40-hour job.

So, let me ask you: Are you actively building your email list yet?