Time Management for Internet Marketers

Time Management for internet marketers

When you market online, time management is key.

Whether you’re marketing a website, service or selling products for yourself or others your ability to work and manage your time is directly related to your income earnings.

The more interest you generate, the more return on your investment (ROI) you’ll see.

– Brainstorm

First, don’t make the mistake of jumping right in to work.

Instead, take the time to brainstorm and develop a list of internet marketing tasks that will help you reach your goals.

Decide which tasks are most effective and make a quick list of them.

Ask yourself how do you want to market today?

– Do you want to update your website or blog?
– Do you want to submit to article directories?
– Do you want to buy advertisement on similar websites?

– Prioritize

You might assume that you’re done after brainstorming your daily tasks, but you’re not. Next, you’ll want to create a to-do list or a detailed schedule.

To get started, prioritize. If working for yourself, as opposed to a client, you have more freedom. It’s best to start with the tasks you know will work.

For example, will submitting articles to article directories be more effective in your case than using Twitter to generate traffic to a website.

– Set time limits

When creating your schedule, use blocks of time. For example, 9am to 10am can be used for writing and submitting articles.

This gives you one hour to do the task. Yes, it does apply pressure, but a time limit can also serve as a source of motivation.

Do this with each of the tasks you need to accomplish. Be reasonable about your limits.

The goal is to make them achievable, not to overwork yourself and create undo stress. That will only slow down your progress.

– Stay organized

Fact, when you’re unorganized you get less done. To improve the use of your time, get organized.

Make sure you’re working in a clean and professional environment, even if only working from a laptop at your kitchen table.

– Know when to outsource

Outsourcing isn’t always an option when it comes to internet marketing, as it does cost money.

With that said, if there comes a time where you fall behind or feel overwhelmed then you should consider outsourcing some of your tasks.

Outsourced projects don’t have to be large or expensive.

So, even if you only hire a writer to write one article or blog post, you’ll be leveraging your time so that you can get more done.

– Don’t waste time

The biggest time waster when it comes to internet marketer is the internet. Yes, this seems ironic, but it’s true.

There are millions of things to do on the computer and online. Therefore, it’s easy to get distracted and waste time. Set rules for yourself.

For example, no checking your personal email, no chatting with friends on Facebook, no playing games, and no surfing for funny videos on YouTube while you’re working.

The internet is a great source of entertainment, but not when you should be working.

As an Internet Marketer chances are you wear many hats and when you’re working for yourself, time management is key.

Your income levels depend on your ability to not only market a website, product, or service, but do so in the most effective way.

One of the mistakes many new internet marketers make when it comes to managing their time is jumping right into work.

Yes, there are benefits to doing this, like getting a head start, but think long-term.

Without first developing a plan, you may later find yourself fluster, unorganized, and behind schedule.

So, how do you avoid this? By taking three easy steps. These three steps are highlighted below for your convenience.

Once followed and properly implemented, they can improve your internet marketing skills and produce effective, profitable results.

– Think

Thinking, otherwise known as brainstorming, is vital to the success of a new internet marketer. Why? Because you’re still learning the trade.

You may know that search engine optimization is a great organic way to market a website, but do you know about article directories and the use of bank links?

If not, you’re missing out on moneymaking opportunities.

For that reason, take the time to think and do a little bit of research. As we discussed previously, brainstorm ways to market.

Once you have a set of tasks in mind, start to plan your day.

– Plan

Many stop planning once they brainstorm. This is a costly mistake.

Having a set of tasks in mind for the day is ideal, but it will not help if you have poor time management skills.

To get started, create a to-do list or a detailed schedule. This can be done by hand or with the use of a computer program, such as Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet.

Take the tasks you developed in your brainstorming session and put them in order.

You may want to start with easy to implement steps, such as posting on related messages boards with a link attached in your signature.

You can then move onto more complicated forms of internet marketing, such as writing content that’s optimized with keywords for the search engines.

If knowing the tasks, you need to complete isn’t enough, create a detailed schedule. Give yourself specific blocks of time to complete each task.

For example, do you belong to a work-at-home forum where you can advertise your products in your signature?

Create a specific block of time to complete this task, such as 30 minutes from 10:30am until 11am.

– Execute

The final step of this 3-step plan is to execute. You might assume this to be the easiest step, but it isn’t.

When executing an internet marketing plan or to-do list, many home-based workers find themselves distracted.

Whether it be reading the news online, continuously checking email, or instant messaging friends and family, distractions are common and easy to fall victim to.

When executing an internet marketing plan, it’s important to stay focused and on task. That is why a detailed schedule is recommended.

On your schedule, set aside specific blocks of time for a specific task. If you must, set an alarm clock to warn you when your time is about to expire.

The easiest way to execute an internet marketing plan without falling victim to distractions is to avoid them.

For example, turn the television off in the background, shutoff your instant messaging program, and so forth.

When your distractions are eliminated, you will find it easier to execute your daily tasks.

Do you rely on your skills as an internet marketer to generate income?

You may sell your services to others or use your skills to drive traffic to a website you monetized.

Regardless of how you make money as an internet marketer, you must not only have good marketing skills, but good time management skills. Why?

Because managing your time can save you time.

Managing your time can save you time. That sounds like a neat and catchy phrase, but is it true? Yes, it is.

Unfortunately, many individuals look at good time management as nothing more than a useful skill. Yes, it is, but it can be so much more.

It can be transformed into a time saving and moneymaking tool. How?

An important component of time management is knowing how your time is spent. For example, how do you market a website for yourself or a paid client?

Do you submit articles to directories, submit websites to directory lists, or you buy advertisements?

If so, you are on the right path, as you are getting work done. But, are you using your time to its fullest extent?

One of the many pitfalls of working as an internet marketer is that you work from home and on the computer.

There are many benefits to doing so, but many cons as well. One of those being costly distractions. Every time you turn around, you may find a distraction.

These distractions could include an incoming phone call from a relative, a sink full of dirty dishes, an interesting website you found online, or computer games.

Are you avoiding these distractions, eliminating them as an issue, toning them out, or falling victim to their allure?

If falling victim to their allure, you are not making full use of your time.

But wait! Above, you stated that you are getting many internet marketing tasks done throughout the day.

Yes, this is good, but you are still not making full use of your time. Even if you send an email to a family member, you are wasting time.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend 30 seconds or three minutes sending that email, it is still wasted time.

When your workday involves more than just working, you get less done. By eliminating distractions and improving your time management, you can get more done.

This is nice, but look at it from an opportunity standpoint.

When you finish your to-do list quicker, you can do something else.

If you are an avid internet user, your newfound free time many be spent focusing on researching new internet marketing tactics, but it could also be spent with your friends or family.

In addition to saving you time, properly managing your time can also help you generate income. In fact, it can prevent you from losing money.

As an internet marketer, you generate income by either selling your service or marketing a product you sell.

Regardless of which category you fall into, time management is vital to your success and your high earnings.

By eliminating distractions and doing nothing but work during business hours, you distribute more links over the internet and complete more paid projects.

Time management is more than just a nice skill to have. When properly used, it can be both a money making and time saving tool.

As we know interest generated through effective marketing campaigns will translate into income.

However, if you have a poor sense of time management, your ability to work will be impacted, as will your income.

Since time management plays such an important role in generating income it’s important to learn how to use it to your advantage.

The good news is you do have several options, just keep in mind that some work better than others.

One thing that works well for many is creating a monthly to do list. Yes, monthly.

Unfortunately, this is a point where many new to internet marketers think that monthly lists put a lot on their plate.

Yes, it may seem like that at first, but it could be vital to staying focused and on task especially when it comes to achieving long-term goals.

So, what makes a monthly to-do list better than a daily or even weekly list? It has to do with generating traffic.

For example, submitting content to article directories with back links is a great way to generate interest and market a website, but it only works for so long because directories keep new articles up higher in their search results.

This means you may generate traffic from an article you wrote two days ago, but that traffic will slowly taper off.

In keeping with the directory example, it’s important to create a strategy.

Since you will see the most traffic generated from content on an article directory in the week following submission, don’t submit 10 articles the first week of the month and stop.

Yes, you still do increase traffic, but you need to be strategical about it.

Placing articles on directories at various stages throughout the month will result in new readers, increased traffic and potentially more sales.

When creating a monthly to do list, you have different options. For starters, you can use a calendar or create a simple handmade chart or list.

Another option is to use Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet.

Not only is it quicker to compile your information the computer, but it can be saved and changed if needed. There are also online planners that can be very useful.

The point is to find what works best for you.

With monthly to-do lists, you can use them again. Since you will want to cross each task off as completed, don’t be left having to write another handmade list.

Instead, save your monthly to-do list as a spreadsheet on your computer and print a new copy each month.

When creating a spreadsheet, use the columns to create four sections. These sections will be week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4.

In the rows underneath, highlight internet marketing tasks to do.

For example, week one could include creating a monthly newsletter for customers and submitting 2 articles to article directories.

Week two could include emailing your newsletter to customers, submitting 2 more articles to directories, and starting a contest on your website.

It’s important to stay focused and on task daily when it comes to Internet marketing, but it’s also important to consider the long-term results.

If you keep that in mind as you create your list, you’ll have much better results.

Is internet marketing one of the many tasks you complete as a webmaster? If so, you may feel overwhelmed. After all, your to-do list may be two pages or longer!

So, how do you manage your time without feeling overwhelmed and worked to the max? You do so by prioritizing your marketing tasks.

As nice as it’s to hear that you can and should prioritize your internet marketing tasks, you may be wondering why. For starters, prioritizing has its own benefits.

It lets you know what you need to do and how.

Items are often categorized in order based on importance. In terms of internet marketing, this can make it easier to complete your daily duties, as well as in an effective manner.

What is ideal about prioritizing your internet marketing, aside from improving productivity, is your options.

Since it’s your to-do list, you can prioritize its contents however you see fit.

Before focusing on how you can prioritize your internet marketing tasks, make sure you can. If you work as an internet marketer for hire, you work for others.

You may be provided with a specific list of duties. This means that you might not have a choice, as these tasks may already be prioritized for you.

However, if you do have freedom:

– Start with something new

Many internet marketers put off certain tasks, especially those they have yet to try. This is mostly due to a fear of failure.

Yes, if an internet marketing campaign falls short, you lose money and time. But, you also lose money by not taking the risk.

So, get your to-do list started with a new internet marketing technique you have yet to try.

– Start with something you know works

As previously stated, you want to try new internet marketing tactics, but that doesn’t mean you must start your day with them.

If you want to ensure your time will translate into money, start with marketing tactics you know work.

For example, have you seen an increase in website traffic due to article directory submissions? If so, start your day producing content to be distributed.

– Start with something that’s easy

Internet marketing tactics come in all different formats. Some are easier than others. To get the ball rolling, start with a tactic that you know is easy.

For example, do you post messages on a related forum with an advisement in your signature?

If so, this is easy. Starting with an easy task not only gets the ball rolling, but it can also help you get into your groove.

– Start with something that’s hard

Do you have a hard marketing method on your to-do list? For example, do you want to write two new pages of copy for your website?

If so, you may find this hard, as it’s time consuming.

For that reason, move this step to the top of your to-do list. When you get the harder tasks out of the way, you can breathe a sigh of relief and stop ferreting about it.

In conclusion, there are many ways to prioritize a to-do list, which all depends on your own personal preferences.

With that said, look for an approach that is easy to work with and one that improves productivity.

Even if you only sell one product or a service online, internet marketing is a must if you want to turn a profit.

Remember, you won’t make sales if consumers don’t know you exist.

As previously stated, it’s important to incorporate internet marketing into your daily to-list. In fact, you will want to do more than that.

Internet marketing is such as huge component of selling a product or service online, devote a lot of time to it.

At least once a week, have a day where you do nothing but market or advertise online.

If you aren’t technically classified as an internet marketer, but still need to do the job, you may be looking for guidance.

After all, an entire workday is a lot of time to devote to a subject you may be unfamiliar with.

This does not mean that you can simply skip internet marketing or give it less attention. It means that you need to develop a daily and detailed schedule.

When creating a daily detailed schedule, start with blocks of time. It’s best to start with one hour.

During the first hour of your workday, list an internet marketing task or two to complete. For the next hour, move onto a new task.

A schedule not only helps you stay focused and on task, but it enables you to devote time to multiple internet marketing tactics, as opposed to focusing solely on one.

So, what should your internet marketing schedule look like for the day?

– 9am to 10am

Write, proofread, and submit one 500-word article to a directory

– 10am to 11am

Write a blog post, Facebook article or tweets to showcase your product.

– 11am to 12pm

Design a banner for upcoming advertising slots.

Research page rank and popularity of websites. Inquire about advertising rates.

– 12pm to 1pm

Create social images to share on Instagram or Pinterest

Take a break for lunch.

– 1pm to 3pm

Create keyword optimized content and update your website with that content.

– 3pm to 4pm

Connect with consumers on social media.

Search for questions to answer with keywords, #hashtags and @replies.

– 4pm to 5pm

Review internet marketing forums; look for new marketing ideas.

Finish up loose end projects.

Create a to-do list for tomorrow.

While this was just that, a sample, hopefully the steps outlined will give you some good ideas for your own schedule. Don’t get upset if you can’t adhere to it strictly.

The best way to improve your use of time is with practice. Also, allow yourself some flex time to your schedule for those unexpected jobs that can pop up.

As an internet marketer, if you aren’t properly managing your time, you may find yourself suffering the consequences. So, what are those consequences?

– You can fall behind

There are hundreds of ways for you to promote a website, product, or service online. Since there is so much for you to do, it’s easy to fall behind.

Unfortunately, this can throw your whole day, week, or even month off course.

– You can become unorganized

When you don’t properly manage your time, it’s easy to become unorganized. An example of poor time management is working without a schedule or a guide.

When doing so, you may become distracted and then wonder what you were last doing or what you intended to do next.

Don’t let this happen. Instead, manage your time with a daily to-do list or detailed schedule, as these tools help to promote organization.

– You can get overwhelmed

As previously stated, there are many internet marketing approaches to implement. To see success, you want to implement them all.

Yes, this will take a lot of time, but it’s more than possible to do. However, you must first have a good sense of time and management.

If not, you may spend all your time focusing on one form of internet marketing, like buying advertisements, and completely neglect another, such as creating keyword optimized content for the search engines.

Once you realize this neglect and try to fix it, you will be overwhelmed.

Poor time management can leave you feeling overwhelmed. For many, once they reach this point it’s the point of no return.

If you allow yourself to get overwhelmed, become unorganized, or fall behind in work, you may want to give up for the day.

Don’t do this, as there another set of consequences for taking this approach. Instead, take a short break and regain your composure.

– You can get distracted easily

People with a good sense of time management try to avoid distractions, but they do exist.

Those who have good time management skills learn ways to avoid or tone out these distractions so that they no longer become an issue.

If this is a skill you don’t have, learn it. If not, a telephone call that you shouldn’t even answer could leave you talking with friends or family for 30 minutes or more.

– You don’t do your job properly

Individuals with poor time management have a problem with distractions. As used as an example above, there are distracting telephone calls.

Unfortunately, that is a pitfall of working from home, as people think you’re always available for chat.

When you’re talking on the phone, you’re not working or working properly. That is why it’s important to eliminate all distractions.

Don’t answer the phone or ensure everyone knows you’re working between the hours of 9 to 5 or so forth.

– You can lose money

You’ve likely heard the saying “time is money.” This is true, but crucial for internet marketing.

The more time you spend marketing your website, blog, product, or service, the more your income potential increases.

So, if you aren’t properly managing your time, you may be losing money.

– You can put your job at risk

If you sell your service as an internet marketer, it’s important to produce quick and effective results.

If someone wants their traffic or sales increased, they want it now, not in a few weeks or months.

So, the quicker you complete your tasks, with an effective time management plan, the better results you produce.

This can not only help you keep your job, but develop a long-term client.

Do you run a website that sells a product, a service, or generates income through affiliate links? If so, internet marketing is a task you must complete.

Unfortunately, internet marketing isn’t something you can do and be done with.

To successfully generate income overtime with your website, you need to develop a lasting and long-term internet marketing plan.

When creating an internet marketing plan, there are many questions you need to answer. First, start with the large ones.

These include how you want to market your website, products, or services.

If you’re new to internet marketing, research your options. You will find they are unlimited.

Once you have developed a plan of action, such as buying advertisements, using article directories, link exchanges, and so forth, there is another important question you need to answer.

– When should you work?
– What should your work schedule be?

Before outlining ways for you to carefully choose your work hours, know that you may not have a say in the matter.

Internet marketing and making money online can be a full-time job, but not everyone treats it as such.

If you work part-time, your hands may be tied, in terms of flexibility. However, if you’re a full-time home based worker, please continue reading on for helpful tips.

Work when you work the best. We all have grooves that we get into.

These are times when we work the best, when we come up with the best ideas, or when we’re the most productive.

Some are early birds, rising and ready to work before the sun is even up. Others are night owls, working into the early morning hours. What type of person are you?

Choose to work when you produce the best results.

Work when you have few interruptions. Are you a parent? Can you work when the kids are not home? If your children attend school, work during the day.

If your children are home on vacation, there are benefits to readjusting your hours to late nights or early mornings.

When you limit or eliminate your interruptions, you can work continuously.

Work when you have few distractions. Unfortunately, interruptions can’t always be eliminated as a problem, especially if you’re a parent.

You can, however, eliminate distractions. Do you have a favorite television show that you watch weekly or do you have house guests every Tuesday night?

If so, now is not the time to work. Adjust your schedule, even if just for one day a week, so that you can work without distractions.

When choosing what hours to work on internet marketing, many run into a common problem. That problem is not having enough hours in the day.

That is why it’s important to create a schedule.

You cannot be expected to market your website a hundred different ways in one day, so spread the tasks throughout the week or month.

And, in dire times hire a professional to outsource your work to.

Freelance web content writers and graphic designers can help you market your website for an affordable fee.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of choosing your hours to work on internet marketing. If that the case, take any time that you can get.

Remember, the more you market your product, service, or affiliate links, the more income you will generate.

Are you a webmaster who uses your website to generate income?

Whether you do so by selling a product, a service, or with the use of affiliate links, page views are important to your success.

The more page views your website receives, the more your earnings potential increase.

For that reason, you may not classify yourself as an internet marketer, but you need to become one.

As previously stated, the goal is to market a website, product, or service to consumers. This involves taking many steps.

There are many common and successful internet marketing methods. In fact, you may be overwhelmed with your options.

The more you advertise a website, product, or service, the more interest is generated. So, you may want to implement each internet marketing step you learn.

What if you don’t have time to implement them all? Rely on outsourcing.

Before focusing on internet marketing tactics that are ideal for outsourcing, it is important to examine the pros and cons.

For starters, hiring an outsourced worker will allow you to get more done. Remember, the more you market a website, the more money you can earn.

Aside from increasing your earning potential, outsourcing also gives you freedom. This is ideal if you don’t want to spend 24 hours a day in front of the computer.

As beneficial as outsourcing can be, it too has its cons. For example, you must find a qualified individual to help.

If you hire someone who is unfamiliar with internet marketing, the job may be done wrong.

This not only wastes time, but money. You can remove this as an issue; only hired those who are qualified to do the job and properly.

So, what internet marketing projects, you can outsource?

The writing of web content. Web content is important to internet marketing and it can be used multiple ways.

Updated websites with fresh content keeps readers coming back.

Hire a web content writer to write pages for your website.

Whether they write product reviews or keyword articles to drive in organic search engine traffic, they are helping you market your website.

When hiring a web content writer, look for an individual who has experience writing combination keyword and content articles.

This means the articles will be interesting to read, but liked by search engines. Always review content before placing it on your website.

Ensure it is professional and original.

Submitting to article directories. Do you like to write your own web content?

If so, you may not need a web content writer, but someone to help you spread your content.

Submitting articles to article directories with the use of back links can improve traffic and sales.

The submission process is easy, but tedious. So, hire someone to submit your content for you. This is very affordable, as some will submit for less than $2 an article.

The writing of blog posts. If your main goal is to generate traffic to a website where you sell a product or service, rely on the use of a blog.

Since blogs are updated often, they tend to accumulate more readers. So, hire a blog writer.

This is cheaper than hiring a content writer, as blog posts are shorter and easier to compose.

When hiring a blog writer, provide clear instructions. Blogs are usually casually in tone. If you want your writer to take a professional approach, state so.

Since the goal is to drive traffic to your website, be sure links are included in each post.

In addition to outsourcing small tasks to qualified workers, you have the option of hiring a professional internet marketer.

This approach will work, but it can be very costly. It is more cost effective to do your own internet marketing and outsource on occasion.

As an important side note, if you are employed as an internet marketer, you market for other webmasters, not yourself.

Yes, you can still outsource tasks, but know the risk.

Your internet marketing business name will be responsible for all work submitted.

You can suffer serious consequences from using an outsourcer that plagiarizes their work.

Are you an internet marketer who finds it difficult to stay focused and stay on task? If so, you have a time management problem.

The first step in curing a time management problem is to know what the problems are.

So, how do you know what your time management problems are? An easy approach is to examine common time management mistakes and see if they apply to you.

– Not realizing time is money

Whether you sell your internet marketing services or use internet marketing to drive traffic to a website or blog where you sell a product, service, or generate income through affiliate links, time is money.

Your ability to market a product, service, website, or blog, is what generates income. When you are successful, you make a sale or receive an advertisement click.

The ability to make money based on your productivity is a unique opportunity.

In the corporate world, it doesn’t matter how efficient and productive an employee is, they usually receive the same paycheck week after week.

Since you have a unique opportunity, realize the potential. Remembering that time is money can serve as a source of motivation.

– Using the Internet for personal communication

Yes, the internet makes it easy to stay in contact with friends and family. You are encouraged to do so, but on your own personal time.

If you are working from 9 am to 3 pm, work only. Do not check your email, unless for business purposes only, avoid instant messaging programs, and so forth.

When you take the ability to socialize away from the internet, you will find it easier to manage your time and tasks.

– Not knowing where you’re wasting time

Unfortunately, many Internet marketer’s workers waste time without realizing they are doing so.

Many think, that quickly checking their email won’t waste time, but it can. What if you check your email multiple times a day?

You could waste as much as 15 minutes or more. That doesn’t count the time you may spend responding, clicking on links, and so forth.

Yes, it is important to start managing your time right away, but first complete a trial run. Have a pen and paper handy and go about your day.

Each time you find yourself stepping away from work, record the time and what you are doing. Now that you know what your distractions are, eliminate them.

– Allowing distractions

Once you determine what distracts you from completing your daily internet marketing tasks, it is important to eliminate them.

Do you use instant messaging programs to communicate with others for personal reasons, not business? If so, disconnect the program.

When you do, it no longer becomes an issue.

In addition to eliminating distractions online, look at your surroundings. If you work from home, it is easy to find many distractions.

Background noise is ideal for some, but do you find yourself watching television instead of working?

If so, shut it off. Don’t answer your phone. Instead, use caller id, voicemail or an answering machine so you can be alerted in an emergency.

Do you work as an internet marketer? If so, your ability to manage time is important to your success. Not only that, it will directly impact the income you generate.

For that reason, make sure you have a good sense of time management.

Unfortunately, good time management is not a skill that we all have.

If you are known for getting distracted easily, procrastinating, or falling behind schedule, you may be looking for help.

For some, that help comes in the form of time management software, but is it right for you?

– The pros

Time management software can promote organization. It comes in many different formats. Regardless of that format, organization is promoted.

You should receive specific lists and categories to choose from.

For example, you may have the option of creating a daily to-do list, the option of outlining weekly projects, and more.

Time management software is installed right on your computer.

Since time management software is installed on your computer and since you work from your computer, it is easy for you to access.

In fact, you can always leave the program running in the background for quick access and easy loading.

As previously stated, time management software comes in several different formats. Different programs have different features. Look for those you can benefit from.

Do you work as an internet marketer for hire?

If so, you can benefit from a program that stores the contact information of your clients, as well as links that information to projects.

When buying a software program, only spend money on features you will use.

– The cons

Time management software costs money. In fact, it can be expensive. On average, a time management software program costs between $50 and $100.

You may find programs for sale for more and less.

If you are shopping on a budget, compare prices, but don’t forget value.

A cheap software program is nice, but not if it is loaded with features you do not want or cannot use.

Time management software isn’t always a good value for the money.

As previously stated, time management software is expensive and it may come loaded with features you will never use.

The perfect solution to this problem is programs you can customize for an affordable fee; however, they are hard to come across.

As a cheaper alternative, create your own spreadsheet. In fact, many software programs use spreadsheets.

The only thing missing is the countdown clock that most include to alert you to an impending deadline.

Time management software can be difficult to use.

When buying it, you should receive a detailed user’s manual or have access to help files that will show you how to use it, but you may still have questions.

Not only that, if a learning curve is hard, you waste time and it becomes more of a distraction.

As opposed to being simple, learning to use a program can now become a huge distraction.

It’s ironic, because time management software is designed to improve your productivity. That is only if you know how to use it. For that reason, read reviews online.

If users say a product is hard to use, examine other options.

Since we know that time management is an important component of generating income as an internet marketer, it’s important to find the right type of tools to suit your needs.

Yes, there is time management software available, as we discussed in the last issue but it can be expensive, have a steep learning curve and often ends up being source of distraction.

For that reason, rely on simpler tools, like a spreadsheet.

So, why should you use a spreadsheet for time management as an internet marketer?

It’s free. You should already have a spreadsheet program like Excel on your computer. Since it’s free to use and already installed on your computer, why not use it?

When properly used, it will produce the same results as many expensive programs you may have considered using.

It’s easy.

Spreadsheets are designed to promote organization. For that reason, it’s easy for you to use one to your advantage. Get started with a blank spreadsheet.

Fill in the tasks you need to complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In fact, that leads to another benefit of using spreadsheets as a time management tool, your options.

You can create a spreadsheet however you want. With that said, make sure your plan is well organized, easy to read on the computer and printable.

Since spreadsheets are organizational tools, you can make your plan as simple or detailed as you want.

Daily spreadsheets are ideal for going into detail.

If you end up completing your tasks, but rushing at the last minute, you need to change your daily and hourly work habits.

The best way is with a daily spreadsheet schedule.

With a daily spreadsheet, you can do set blocks of time. For example, in the columns record time blocks, such as 9am to 10am.

In the rows underneath, write what you want to do in that time frame.

For example, do you want to write five articles for article directories? Just write “Write and submit five articles.”

Once you have completed those articles, cross them from your list.

Keep in mind that being general lets you use the same spreadsheet each week, which is ideal for creating a common, productive schedule.

Just save a copy on your computer and print as needed.

In addition to daily spreadsheet schedules, weekly are popular as well.

If you’re okay with managing your time, but have only a few problems, a weekly schedule may work.

Remember, if you have difficulties managing your hour-to-hour day, a daily spreadsheet is recommended.

When creating a weekly schedule, start with the columns. Write each day in a separate column. This may require 2 printable pages.

In the rows underneath, highlight the tasks you want to complete.

In addition to being generalized, you can go into further detail.

For example, record the names of the articles you want to write or which directories you intend to submit to.

Having a detailed to-do list in the form of a spreadsheet right by your side will be easier.

In fact, regularly having to bring it up on your computer screen can technically be considered a distraction.

Remember, when you’re looking to improve your time management skills, even the smallest distractions can cost you time and money.

Using a spreadsheet can help keep you on track.