Side Hustles & Quick Money

Side Hustles & Quick Money

One thing they all have in common…

When you study the titans of industry, the greats of success, one thing you will notice is that most times the thing that gets them started…

…that is to say, the very thing that initially has them seeing success, is fairly simple.

And then often, the simple action that leads to success is expanded upon.

Think about it.

Henry Ford in the summer of 1893 got started with an interest in internal combustion engines.  So he built a small 1 cylinder gasoline model. 

It was not complex, especially by today’s standards, but he saw success and it drove him to expand.

Mark Zuckerburg started facebook from Harvard University in 2003 as Facemash, an online service for students to judge the attractiveness of their fellow students. 

It was a simple idea that saw success.  He expanded.

Another example, Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, started the site in 1995 as an idea for collectors to buy and sell Pez dispensers.

He did it as a favor to his girlfriend.  Here we are in 2022, and eBay has grown into something much more than that but…

…in all these cases, and in many more if you study them, people started with simple ideas and expanded upon them as they found success.

Over the course of the next several chapters, I want to give you a series of simple ideas that you can use to start producing some income online. 

Some “side hustle money” or “quick cash.”

They are all fairly easy to execute and can be done relatively quickly to produce results for you.

The goal with this report is to give you the simple strategies that you can use to finally start seeing some actual income online and to put you in a position, not unlike those legends I mentioned above, and countless others…

…to EXPAND and grow your small success into a full blown EMPIRE…if you choose.

Now some of you might just be happy with a little success.  A simple side hustle to produce a bit of extra income for you every month.  And that is totally great. 

There is nothing wrong with that.

Not everybody wants to build a giant online EMPIRE!!!!  This report is for you as well. 

These are the side hustles and strategies that countless people are using and that you can use as well, to start seeing some income online.

SO whether you are looking for a simple strategy to spark the foundation for your next great online adventure OR you are just looking for a little extra income…

Get ready.

You are going to be learning some amazing things.

For now though, all that I ask is that you consider your mindset.  I want you to adopt an open mind.  Suspend your disbelief for the duration of this report.

Everything that I’ll be telling you about in the coming chapters, has been done and is currently being done to great success by others. 

The only thing that can stop you is your mind.

Memespring MIllions???

Most people know about Teespring.  It’s a site where you upload some graphics that can be used to print t-shirts and other merchandise. 

You don’t have to ship merchandise and you don’t have to buy products.  It’s 100% print on demand.  You only have to provide the design.

Now, I don’t have to tell you that you can easily have these graphics designed cheaply by others using a site like fiverr, or that you can utilize the public domain and find all kinds of free designs.

However the designs are the easy part.  How do you get people to find the shirts you are selling once you have them up on Teespring?

Use memes.

Create a facebook page that is centered around a specific kind of memes geared towards a targeted audience. 

It needs to be a tight niche, like Engineering memes, or Christmas memes, or Medium memes, you get it. 

Keep it tight.

When you set this page up you will be allowed to set up a Shop widget on the page.  You can link this shop widget to your Teespring store.

Now just focus on building that page up with daily memes on the page, which is something you can automate right there from Facebook. 

You can find memes everywhere and schedule them to go out everyday on your facebook page.

That traffic will drive people to your Teespring Store.

So to reiterate here:

Step 1) Start a Teespring Store.

Step 2) Figure out a tight niche

Step 3) Look for some graphics that would make good shirt designs for that niche.  Think funny or cool.

Step 4) List a shirt design on TeeSpring

Step 5) Start a facebook page designed around funny memes targeting your chosen tight niche.

Step 6) Set up a “shop” widget on your facebook page that will link to your Teespring store.

Step 7) Schedule memes to go out daily on your page and build up the following.

That’s it to this strategy.  A couple things to mention here. 

First, you might have to watch a couple of youtube videos to figure out how to do a few of the things I mentioned.  Some things are just better described with video. 

This report is about giving you the idea and the birds eye view of how it works.  It’s up to you to get into the details of it, take the action, and make it golden.

I’ve already seen people use this exact method in the engineering niche, the personal dog brand niche, and several others.  No reason why you can’t be next.

People Want To Know What They Don’t…

Alright, so today I want to show you a way you can use Tik Tok to your advantage.

Most of you already know what Tik Tok is, but in case you don’t it’s a short-form video hosting app. 

It allows you to publish short videos usually only a few seconds (but up to 10 minutes in length.)

It’s kind of like Youtube for people with really short attention spans.

Tik Tok is currently absolutely blowing up and is reporting a staggering 1 billion (with a b) active monthly users at the time of this writing.

That’s a lot of traffic. 

I don’t have to tell you that if you could find some way to tap into that massive traffic source then you could use it to make money with almost anything.

So how can you do it?

First, understand that people love to know things that they don’t know. 

Doesn’t have to be important, can be totally random, just needs to be something interesting that they didn’t already know.

Something they have never seen before or something they have never heard before.  It’s about high curiosity here.

Next, understand that you can use clips of other people’s content from places like Tik Tok or Youtube under the Fair Use Act, but to do this, you need to add commentary. 

Sort of like how many documentaries use clips from other sources.

Also, realize that there are some really practical and great open source video editing software out there for free, like Openshot or Kdenlive that can help you to create simple videos.

Finally, I want you to know that there are lots of places to get royalty free sound effects and music on the internet.  One of those would be freesound(dot)org.

Now that you know those little tidbits I’m sure you can start to see how you could create videos fairly easily for Tik Tok, especially if they only need to be a few seconds long.

But how can you get ideas?  I mean…sure I can tell you that people want to know what they don’t know, but where can you find these things that people don’t know?

Lot’s of places really.

Try doing a google search for “confusing pictures” and you will bring up a ton of pictures that are both at the same time confusing and kind of funny. 

Any one of these pictures could make a simple Tik Tok where you basically describe what’s happening in the picture, try to do it in a funny way.

Another google search for “people who beat the system” can pull up some amazing stories that could easily be converted to Tik Toks. 

Remember, people want to know what they don’t know.

You can also use content curation sites like DIGG.  Try checking out the “video” category.

Another place to find interesting pictures or videos is Pinterest.  Try searching for things like “life hacks, people who beat the system, or confusing pictures.”

You name it, it’s there.

Reddit can also be a great place to find interesting stories and bizarre tidbits that most people don’t know. 

You can always use free stock images from places like pixabay(dot)com or unsplash(dot)com to turn those simple stories on reddit into documentary style Tik Toks.

Just remember whatever content you use, just make sure you are doing commentary, so that you are legally within your rights under the Fair Use Act.

Now, making these kinds of videos on Tik Tok appeal to a very broad market of people.  It’s not a tight niche.  You are basically appealing to everyone.

How do you monetize something like this?

Well you need to promote something on your Tik Tok bio page that will appeal to many people.

The Plug is a service that easily lets you monetize your social media following. 

You can find it at plugco(dot)in and essentially it’s an app that allows you to promote many different apps and make money while you do it.

It’s sales page reads:

“Earn plugcoins for your promotions, turn coins into cash.

Cashout anytime with Paypal, receive fast payment, and view your account history with ease.”

The Plug isn’t the only way to monetize a broad audience.  It’s only one option.  Amazon Associates (affiliate program) would be another.

So how does this thing look if we “step by step” it out?

Step 1)  Start a new Tik Tok account.

Step 2) Go find some content that you could convert into Tik Toks.  Remember people are always interested in knowing what they don’t know, and everybody enjoys a laugh.

Step 3) Download a simple free open source video editor (or use what you have) and create your tik tok videos.  Make sure to add commentary.  The Fair Use Act only protects you if you are adding commentary and creating something original.

Step 4) Find something that appeals to broad audiences to promote in your Tik Tok bio and get that promotion in place.

Step 5) Start uploading your Tik Toks regularly to the platform and watch your audience grow!

That’s it for this one. 

Will this continue to work 2 years from now?  Will this continue to work 2 days from now?  Who knows. 

The only thing I have found to be consistent with the internet is that it is always changing.  However…

That’s why you try things, and you adjust them as you need to until it is making sense for you. 

I’ve never started a successful business venture online that I did not have to adjust in some way shape or form eventually.

So that being said, get into this thing and see if you can make some money. 

Tik Tok is absolutely exploding right now, and this could be a simple way to get on the platform without even showing your face.

Trending is ROCK SOLID On this strategy…

Previously, I was talking with you about Tee shirts and how to utilize a platform like Teespring, combine it with Facebook and make some money selling print on demand physical products.

Well, I want to revisit the world of tee shirts today with another strategy because let me tell you something…

Tee shirts are rock solid.  They trend consistently year in and year out.  They aren’t going anywhere.  People have to wear something and they love tee shirts.

Now, first before I get into this part too far, let’s talk about another way you can get your designs for T-shirts, besides what I mentioned previously. 

Of course you can find inspiration on Teespring, Amazon, and anywhere else tee shirts are being sold.

Of course you can go over to Fiverr, and have someone design it for you.  However, what if you don’t want to pay anyone?

Well, Canva is a free online service that actually has built-in Tee shirt templates that you can easily customize right there on the platform.

You can find it over there at canva(dot)com and once there just do a search on site for “tee shirt template.”

So now that you have a way to create endless amounts of free tee shirt designs that you can model after existing designs that are already selling well…

What next?

Well, I want to talk about Etsy.

Most of you are familiar with Etsy but in case you aren’t, it’s essentially an ecommerce site like eBay or Amazon but they really specialize in people who create homemade goods. 

In 2021 there were literally 96.3 million active buyers who purchased goods through the Etsy ecosystem.  So don’t sleep on Etsy.  A lot of people are buying there.

It’s not just crafts either. 

There is a lot of everything being sold on Etsy these days, including tee shirts.  People are literally making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling tee shirts on Etsy.

To do this, you don’t need to home make and stack a bunch of tee shirts in your house.  No thanks.

You can find successful ideas on Teespring, create your own versions of the designs on Canva, and then have the tee shirt printed once it sells on Etsy.

That’s right.  Don’t bother actually making the shirt until it sells.

Where can you do that?


It’s over there at Printify(dot)com. 

On this site you can have these tee shirts printed up for between 5 and 7 bucks each (depending on if you have a premium account or not.)

You can use a simple profit calculator like the one over at omniprofitcalculator(dot)com which has a nice Etsy calculator that you can use to figure out exactly what your profit margin will be on this after the cost of shirts, shipping, etsy fees, ect.

With this kind of business, you want to follow the trends.  Have intent with your designs. 

Hot topics, holidays, historic events, all things that could hit a hot hand selling tee shirts.

So let’s break this down into steps.

Step 1) Start a free Etsy account.

Step 2) DO some research on Teespring, Etsy, Amazon and find some Tee shirt designs that are doing well right now.

Step 3) Head over to Canva and pull up their tee shirt templates.  See if you can recreate some of the trending tee shirts in your own way.

Step 4) Create a free Printify account and create a few of your shirt designs.  Don’t buy the actual shirts yet.  Just create the shirt in the software.

Step 5) Look at what the similar tee shirts on Etsy are selling for.  Use a profit calculator and figure out what you are going to be spending on each shirt that sells and what you will be making.  Make sure these numbers work for you.  If you aren’t making enough, you need to raise the price of the shirts.

Step 6) List the shirts on Etsy and see if any sell.

Step 7) When a shirt sells, use Printify to handle production and shipping directly to your customers.

That’s the whole thing.  A simple 7 step plan.  Selling tee shirts is a proven model that has worked for years and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

No reason why you can’t get your start in this very way.

Don’t sleep on easy service…

Now I want to talk with you about Fiverr.  Most of you already know what Fiverr is and trust me that’s a good thing.  The more people hanging out there the better.

In case you don’t though, FIverr is one of those “gig” economy style websites, where people can come and hire someone for a small fee to do something for them. 

It could be anything from drawing a picture to fixing a website.  You name it and you can probably find it being offered on Fiverr.

But now I want to talk with you about some REALLY easy gigs that you can offer on Fiverr to make quick cash. 

These are already proven to work and people are already making money doing them so why not you?

Let’s talk about it.

One) Remove Background – If you head over to fiverr and do a search for “background removal” you will find plenty of people offering this service and making good money doing it.

However if you head over to a site called remove(dot)bg you will find a free to use cloud based artificial intelligence that will remove the background of any photo for you instantly.   It is incredibly good at what it does.

You could literally be hired to remove the background out of photos for people and have the work done in seconds. 

Nothing raises your numbers and increases your positive reviews on fiverr like good work done fast and you can use this method to get both of those things.

Two) Abstract Album Cover – Many people come to fiverr to hire someone to create abstract art for their music album covers or other projects. 

The great thing about this is that if you head over to a website called:


You will find a piece of original abstract artwork that has been created by a cloud based artificial intelligence. 

Every time you visit the website it will be a different piece of art, so it’s always original.  Zero copycatting here.

Just try visiting that website and refreshing a few times.  You’ll see a brand new image, completely unique unto itself every single time.  Awesome!

Three) SEO Reports – If you look on fiverr you will see people charging as much as $60 for SEO reports. 

This is an in demand service that people have been buying for years.

However, if you go over to SEOAnalyzer(dot)me you will find a fantastic tool that will analyze any website and give a detailed SEO report on it. 

All you have to do is enter the url of the site you want analyzed in the box, and the cloud based tool will do the rest. 

Depending on how big the website is, it could take a few minutes.

The best part is when it’s done, you can just click “download report” and it will give you a very professional looking PDF of your SEO report.  Amazing!

Four) HTML5 Ads – There are people willing to pay upwards of $50 for html5 ads on Fiverr. 

These ads are more interactive than simple banner ads that are based on jpg or png files.

However they are more complicated to create.  It requires programming skills. 

Except now there are ways to create these kinds of ads without extensive knowledge in programming or html.

If you go over to creatopy(dot)com and click on “make” and then click on “banner” it will walk you through the simple process of setting up an account and eventually get you to a place where you can create a banner.

There are a ton of templates that you can modify to your liking and create effective ads with. 

Now this one is something that you might find a video helpful on. 

If you head over to youtube and do a search for “Creating HTML5 Ads With Creatopy” you’ll find more in depth video tutorials on how you can make these ads easily and quickly.

Five) Youtube Intros and Outros – Did you know that as of 2022 there are more than 51 million youtube channels out there?  Wow!

On fiverr, a popular gig is having someone create an intro or an outro for your youtube videos. 

You can literally find people charging up to $60 for this service and sometimes even more.

But how could you get in on that lucrative intro/outro market without skills and without tons of time?

Head over to a website called videobolt(dot)net.

If you click on the category of “templates” and then the subcategory of “youtuber” you will find tons of customizable templates. 

I mean, these are really amazing and highly customizable.

Videobolt costs a small fee but it’s something that is easily paid for when you are earning from Fiverr gigs.

Another thing to remember is you really don’t have to buy it until a gig is actually ordered. 

So that way you are guaranteed to not have to pay out of pocket for  the service.

Alright, so that’s 5 proven gigs that you can easily do on Fiverr without any skill or hardly any free time.  These can be done fast and with minimal effort.

Copy and Paste Faceless Method…

Alright, so now I want to talk with you about Youtube. 

The fact of the matter is, this platform is still the second most visited website in the world, second only to Google itself…

And I don’t have to tell you it’s popular but Youtube has more than 2.6 BILLION active users. 

So how can you take advantage of this platform that appears to be so hard to get started on?

Well, first I want you to understand that in Youtube’s community guidelines and rules, they are 100% okay with you monetizing content that isn’t yours, as long as it is royalty free or creative commons content and it is licensed for commercial use.

That means it needs to be stated in the license that you can use the content for making money (i.e. commercial purposes.)

Now put that idea to the side for a minute and consider this…

There are countless channels on Youtube right now with videos that go on for hours and hours, and all that they play is relaxing music or storm weather sounds, or rain, or white noise.

People use videos like this to help them sleep or study, or to help them with anxiety attacks, or any number of reasons.

But the thing is these long form videos are very easy to produce, and do not require you to be in front of the camera or create any original content of your own.

If you want a quick example of what I’m talking about just head over to youtube and do a quick search for “relaxing music.”  You’ll see what I mean. 

You can get a feel for what the videos look and sound like and easily model similar content yourself.

For the royalty free content you can head over to pexels(dot)com and find countless stock pictures and videos that you can use to create these kinds of youtube videos.

Just do a search for “relaxing” or “peaceful” or “ambience ” or whatever other subject that you are trying to make a video about.

Another good website that you can use for this is pixabay(dot)com. 

The good news about pixabay is that they actually have a music section, so this is a great place to pick up royalty free music that you can use for your video as well.

Another place you can find great music to use royalty free is the Youtube Audio Library.  Just do a simple google search for “Youtube Audio Library.”

Once you have some video clips and some music downloaded, you need a video editor to put this together.

There are plenty of free open source options out there if you don’t already have a video editor. 

Openshot(dot)org is a good free option that I had mentioned before, with lots of youtube tutorials available to help you get started with it.

You can even slow the video clips down using your video editor if you want to make them last a little longer. 

You can create smooth transitions easily between the clips. 

It’s fairly simple to throw these kinds of videos together very quickly and start to get an inventory of them on your channel.

Okay, so let’s run down the steps on this one:

Step 1) Start a new youtube channel.  Keep in mind you’ll need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you are going to be eligible for monetization.  So this will take a little time and consistency to build but if you stick with it, it can happen fairly quickly with these popular long form videos.  Also keep in mind the opportunity to promote affiliate offers.

Step 2) Get some video clips.  Once you have your youtube channel up and running, go ahead and head over to pexels and/or pixabay and grab some video clips that you can use to put together a cool longform video.

Step 3) Get some audio tracks.  Next you want to head over to Pixabay or the Youtube Audio Library and grab some cool audio tracks that you can use for your content.

Step 4) Get yourself a video editor and create your videos.  Go ahead and download a simple free video editor, like Openshot, or use one you already have.   Now create some of these “longform” relaxation videos that you can upload to your youtube channel.

Step 5) Stay consistent and upload regularly.  Youtube is all about regular uploading and consistency.  So put yourself on a content schedule here.  You can create these videos in production blocks (meaning create multiple videos at once) and then upload them on a schedule. 

Step 6) Give it a little kickstart.  If you want to give your channel a little kickstart, especially at first, you can seek out Facebook groups and Subreddits that are about the subject that your long form videos help with.  Just be sure to share your videos in a cool way and don’t just spam.

Step 7) Syndicate and synergize.  These kinds of videos can be edited down fairly easily to work as short form content on Instagram and Tik Tok.  You could then use those sites to drive traffic to your Youtube channel.

BONUS) Audio narration.  Another thing you can do is seek out public domain audio speeches or motivational lectures.  These can be added to the video clips and music to create shorter motivational and inspirational videos.

This is a great way to start building a nice little income using Youtube and not having to really be on camera or create any original content yourself. 

Again, what I have found is that everything with youtube requires patience and consistency. 

You have to stay with this one but if you do, it can really pay off for you like it is currently paying off for many people right now.

That’s it for this one and remember, relentless imperfect action ALWAYS wins the day.  Perpetual thought only leads to stagnation. 

So take all this information in, give yourself a limited amount of time to process it…

…and then get moving!

5 Simple Apps that Will Pay You…

So earlier I was telling you a strategy about Youtube and creating long form video content. 

It’s cool because you don’t have to show your face or create any original content at all with that method, and yet you are still actually providing something that helps people considerably.

Today though I want to talk about something a little more instant.

These 5 apps will pay you real money.  Let’s get into it:

One) Decluttr – You can find this one over at decluttr(dot)com.  This is an app that wants to pay you for the stuff you aren’t using anymore. 

Electronics, gadgets, phones, CD’s, DVD’s, games, books, and leggos are all some of the things that you can sell to Decluttr to make some quick cash.

They’ll give you a FREE instant valuation for everything you want to sell. No auctions, no fees, no hassle!  Pretty cool.

All you have to do is scan the items with your phone and they’ll give you an instant valuation on it.

Two) My Points – You can find this one over at mypoints(dot)com.  This is one of the better Survey apps out there. 

If you don’t mind taking some surveys, this is a way you can make some fast cash.

My Points will literally give you 10 bucks just for signing up, and after that they’ll give you 5 bucks for every 5 surveys that you do. 

So essentially, the more surveys you fill out, the more money you’ll make.  Simple and straightforward.

Three) Rakuten – You can find this one over at rakuten(dot)com.  It’s a cash back app.  They will give you cash back when you buy things.

The way it works is you set up your credit or debit card with the app, and it tracks your purchases.  Then it applies rebates. 

Essentially this is an automatic way to save money at many, many places you shop, because it’s not just online stores it works with. 

Rakuten pays you through Paypal or if you don’t like Paypal they will actually send you a check in the mail.

Many people use Rakuten to make some money back from things they were going to buy anyway.  So check this one out and see if it makes sense for you.

Four) Rewards – You can find this one in the google play store or on apple iOS.  Just search for “Rewards by Foursquare.”

Rewards by Foursquare is a free mobile loyalty app that has paid out over $2 Million in cash and prizes.

You can earn points by checking in at your favorite location, sharing your location, taking location-based surveys, and referring friends.

It’s going to run in the background on your phone.

This app has been around for a long time and used to be called Foursquare’s Panel App.  So it’s proven itself to be an effective tool for people.

Five) Photo Selling Apps – If you like taking pictures with your phone there are quite a few apps that you can use to make money from them.

Dreamstime has been an online presence in the stock photography space since 2000.

People from all over the world contribute thousands of photos to this platform on a daily basis.

They offer free registration and membership to anyone that wants to sell their photos on the platform.

Using Dreamstime’s mobile app, you can upload your pics as soon as you have an active account. Setup is fast and the interface is very simple to use.

You can find the app on Google Play Store or on Apple iOS.

  1. Foap is well-known and provides a selling platform for your smartphone pics. With this one there are a few ways to make money.  You can sell your pics as stock photos. 

You can join photo missions from brands to win cash prizes.  Essentially, they are contests sponsored by brands that are looking for specific image requirements.  

And you can actually sell other people’s photos through your own portfolio.  Pretty cool.  If a buyer pays for someone else’s photo through your account, you’ll make 25 cents per image. 

  1. Honorable Mentions? That’s right.  There are quite a few places online that you can sell photos.  It’s a simple way to start producing a quick influx of cash if you like taking pictures.  Here are a few others:
  • EyeEm
  • Agora Images
  • miPic
  • 500px
  • Scoopshot

And that is really just some of them.  There are quite a few others.  So get out there and look around if this interests you.

Alright, that’s 5 simple apps that will pay you cold hard cash, (more if we count all those photo apps.)  A lot of options for you in this email. 

This is fantastic information, and I wonder if the spark that you need to finally start earning online is in one of these places? Only you can know for sure.

I say, jump in head first and try some of them out.  See how it goes.  The only things we ever really regret are the things we never tried.  That’s my motto!

The Collections And Practical Information Method…

Alright, so now I want to take things back to Youtube. 

I told you before that Youtube was the second most popular website in the world, second only to the google search engine itself.

Now, here’s the thing about Youtube.

In this day and age people are using youtube like a search engine for information.  It’s not just for entertainment or long drawn out educational videos anymore.

These days, people are running to youtube to find the answer to things like “What are all the books in the Harry Potter series,” or “what is the best order to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies?”

And the thing about it, if you create simple videos like this, your videos can absolutely explode with views.

I literally saw a video the other day on youtube with over 200k views called “My Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection (updated for 2022.)”

It’s basically just this guy showing every book in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid book series.

The thing is the intent when people click on these videos. 

Nine out of ten times they are trying to figure out a practical piece of information like, “what are all the books in this series,” or “What are all the video games that this video game company has created?” or even “What are all the records that THIS band has made?”

Videos like this come together extremely easily. 

First off, you can get any picture of any book cover, album cover, video game cover, movie poster, or anything else on the internet easily and use it under the Fair Use Act. 

You are literally producing educational content with the pictures so it completely falls under fair use.

Second, you can easily download free music tracks from the Youtube Audio Library to use royalty free.

Third, you can simply use a free video editing software like Openshot, to put the pictures and the music together into a nice easy to consume video. 

Add text for each picture to represent the information appropriately, like “Book 1”, or “Watch this movie first” or “Released in 1989.”  You get it.

So hopefully you can see the potential here is ridiculous and there are endless ways you could run with this idea.  The goal is to build your channel up.

Yes, you can monetize the channel with Youtube Ad Revenue (Google AdSense) but that’s only a fraction of what you could make if you utilize the power of affiliate marketing here.

Every video that you do could easily be promoting a place they could purchase something related to the information they are looking up. 

An easy way to go would be the Amazon Affiliates program.

So let’s break this one down by steps.

Step One) Come up with a general theme for your videos. 

If you have some common thing that ties them together, you will encourage cross video watching. 

For example, “Awesome Book Series” could be a name for a channel where you could literally do videos naming every book in countless book series in pretty much any genre you wanted. 

“Awesome Movie Series” could be another one.  A third might be “great music discographies.”

There are a lot of ways you could go with this. 

Think practical information where people’s search intent is to figure out a piece of information that is connected to a fairly popular or well known property.

Another way you could go with this is words that are very similar.  You could do a VS. channel.  Basically explaining the difference between two words. 

For example “affected vs. effected.”  People look this kind of thing up all the time on Youtube.

Step Two) Start a Youtube channel.

Be sure to give it an appropriate name that allows you room for lots of videos on the subject.

Step Three) Find content ideas.

You can do a simple google search to find content ideas like “popular book series” or “popular movie series” or “long book series” or other similar searches.

Put together a simple list of content ideas for your channel.

Step Four) Create the content.

Next you are going to create the video of your first content idea.  So gather the pictures you need, don’t worry about copyright because this is fair use. 

Gather a nice music track for the background.  And load up your video editor.  Make the video. 

Don’t take forever.  Remember, this is a practical video that gives people information.  It doesn’t need to be an award winning cinema experience.

Step Five) Monetization Plan.

Find the affiliate program that makes sense for the video. 

I’d just go with Amazon’s program for most of these kinds of videos because they work for just about anything.

Step Six) Publish Consistently and in Blocks.

Go ahead and upload your first video and publish that sucker.

Channels like this are a resource so it’s important to publish consistently. 

You can record these kinds of videos in blocks (meaning more than 1 at a time) and then you can schedule their publication on the channel.

In this way you can semi-automate the process.  I would aim for at least 3 videos a week.

Step Seven) Stay vigilant in your uploading and stay in your lane.

If you stay on schedule with your uploading and you stay consistent with your theme you will start to see traction on this kind of channel and the views will start compounding.

The best part about something like this is that you don’t have to be on camera, the videos are easy to produce, and you can literally run several youtube channels on different subjects, making multiple streams of income.

Alright, that’s the Collections And Practical Information Method and anyone with a little ambition can make it happen.

The rest is up to you.  What will you do?

Getting Paid To Move Around…

So now I want to talk with you about an app for your smartphone that will actually pay you to just move around. 

Basically you will be making money for doing what you would already be doing anyway.

Imagine, as you run your errands throughout the day, as you exercise, and you visit friends and family…

…now you can actually be earning money for those activities.  It’s a pretty neat concept and let me show you how it works.

The app I am talking about is SweatCoin (you can find it in Google Play store or Apple iOS.)

With SweatCoin, the way it works is, as you walk or move around in any way, you carry your phone with you, something many of us are doing anyway.

Sweatcoin then runs in the background, kind of like a pedometer, and registers how much you are moving.  As you move, you earn more and more “Sweatcoins.”

These sweatcoins can be traded in for some pretty amazing prizes, including high value gift cards.  The problem?

The problem is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, it actually takes a lot of “sweatcoins” to get anything. 

As of the time of this writing, the best thing to do with your sweatcoins is to bid on things in the ebay style auction…

…but it can take several thousand sweatcoins to actually win anything.

The positive thing about this though, is that it is a very passive app.  You aren’t really doing anything for these “sweatcoins.” 

You are basically getting something extra for doing things you would be doing anyway.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Sweatcoin is not the only app like this available that you can use to passively earn money while you do nothing. 

At the time of this writing some of the other options you can check out like this are:

  • Winwalk
  • Stepbet
  • Stepn
  • Cashwalks
  • Evidation

They all have their own little nuances, and this is far from the only apps out there like this…

…however, I think it’s pretty cool that you can actually get paid from leveraging the activity that you are just going to do anyway or for exercising.

Do you think something passive like this might be a good fit for you to finally start making a little side income?

This literally takes no learning or time to get into so it’s pretty much a no lose situation. 

Just remember, if you only read the info in these emails then that’s all it will be…more info in a sea of info.

Only through action can you change your trajectory in any capacity.

Banners To Freedom…

Alright, now I want to give you a simple strategy for paid advertising.

Now, it will require a small investment to execute, however if you watch your numbers and you understand the math of it, you can really take advantage of this. 

It might not be for all of you, but for the right person, this could really pay off.

First, you need to understand a couple of terms.  IM lingo, so to speak.

EPC = Earnings Per Click

Essentially, this is how much you will earn on average every time someone clicks on a link.

Impressions = How many times a webpage or element of a webpage is used.

This is basically when someone visits a webpage or a particular section of a webpage, it counts as an impression.

Clicks = a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement to reach an online property

When someone clicks on your advertisement, link or banner, that counts as a click.


Now that you understand what those three terms basically mean…

…I want you to understand that you need to generate traffic in order to create impressions.  Got it?  Good.  Let’s move on.

If you visit a site called Adclerks(dot)com, you will find a platform that specializes in advertising. 

It has a large variety of websites in many different categories that you can advertise on for a small monthly fee.

The cool thing here is that each website that you can advertise on tells you how many impressions it gets per month and how much it will cost you to advertise on that website per month.

An example would be a site that gets 776k impressions a month and will cost $15 a month to have a banner ad on that site.

Now…that is your traffic mechanism.

Next I want you to head over to a site called Shareasale(dot)com.

Shareasale is a platform like Clickbank or WarriorPlus where you can sell products as a vendor and promote products as an affiliate.

Go ahead and sign up for a free Shareasale account.

Next head over to the health category and find a good product to promote. 

You are looking for good EPC’s, high conversion rate, frequent sales, and decent commission rates. 

Also, how long has the product been selling? 

The longer it’s been selling, combined with good numbers on those other things I mentioned means the more reliable and proven the product is.

Shareasale is going to show you this information.  You just need to be able to know what you are looking at.

Once you find your offer, go ahead and scroll down to the button that says “Creative Preview” and you’ll be able to see the banner ads that you can use to sell this thing.

Once you get approved for the offer, it’s time to start getting the ads out there and making some money. 

So head back over to Adsclerk and find a website to advertise on that makes sense for your offer.

Now the numbers matter here so listen up…

Let’s say you want to advertise on a website that will get you 542,000 impressions every month and for that you are going to pay $75/mo.

Let’s estimate that .01% of those impressions become clicks that will generate traffic for the product you are promoting.

Now that is very conservative and it’s the equivalent of around 54 people visiting that sales page of your product.

Now, let’s say your product has an EPC of $45.19.  Well if you take those 54 people and you multiply it by the earnings per click you will get $2,440.26.

Next we need to subtract the amount that you spend on advertising, which is $75.  That’s going to leave you with a total of:


So the numbers in this example make sense.  Even if you cut the earnings in half, you still are looking at over a thousand dollars a month in profit.

The truly unknown variable here is how many impressions will become clicks. 

We estimated our example at .01% but we see that if it was even half of that we would still make over a thousand dollars a month on an offer with around $45 EPC’s and a $75 a month ad spend.

So you can find great products to promote on Shareasale (I recommend going for health products)

And you can get your traffic from Adclerks.

Paid advertising is about testing.  See what is working for you and what is not.  Make sure the numbers add up.

There are barriers to entry with a method like this and that keeps your competition down.  What are those barriers to entry?  I mean, I just made it sound easy right? 

Well, let’s look a little closer…

First, it poses a learning curve.  You have to figure out how to use Shareasale and Adclerks.

Second, it requires business math and critical thinking.  You have to look at your numbers and understand what the heck you are looking at.

Third, it requires investment in advertising.  Many people always want the free method.  They are not willing to put an investment on the line to try something new.

These three barriers to entry will keep a lot of your competition at bay.  The question now becomes, are you going to take advantage of a situation like this or…

…is it going to be just another blown opportunity?

Is this money making side hustle a good fit for you?  Could it just be the next big move in your quick cash making life?

Only you can know.

Just watching…

So in the last section we talked about a paid traffic method that you can get started fairly quickly and earn some money with. 

The thing about it though was that it had a few challenges or barriers to entry, if you will.

Now I want to switch it up and give you a few websites that are going to allow you to earn some really easy low hanging fruit cash and rewards. 

No barriers to entry or much thought required at all.

Keep in mind, these are very easy, and of course with the ease comes less reward. 

You won’t get rich doing any of these really, but they are a nice way to make some extra cash.

One) You-Cubez –  You-cubez(dot)com is a website that will pay you to watch videos, take surveys, or visit other websites online.

Two) Buxinside – Buxinside(dot)com is another website where you can get paid for watching simple videos.  These guys will pay every 10 seconds.

Three) Fusioncash – Fusioncash(dot)com is a third website where you can get paid 5 bucks just for signing up for a free account.  Again with this site you can watch different videos and get paid for doing so.

Four) Earnably – Earnably(dot)com is a fourth website where you can complete tasks, watch videos and take surveys to earn rewards.

Five) iRazoo – iRazoo(dot)com is yet another website where you can watch videos and take surveys to earn rewards and prizes.

Alright, that’s five of them.  If you poke your nose around the internet, you can find a lot more and pretty much all of them have reviews on Youtube talking about if they work well or not.

Just filter those youtube reviews for the most recent.  Stuff from this year.

That’s it for this one.  I wonder if one of these video watching survey taking websites might be the spark you need to finally start making some money online?

Hidden Markets…

Today I want to talk with you about eBay for a minute.  You know, good ol’ eBay has been around since 1995 and it is still going as strong as ever.

Every platform has hidden markets on them and if you study them close enough, you can find those markets.

On eBay there is a market that has been going strong for years and shows no sign of letting up.  It’s all about these little 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch trading cards.

I’m not talking about baseball cards either.  I’m talking about something called ACEO cards. 

This stands for “Art Cards Editions and Originals” and these cards are small, original works of art, that are released as either one off pieces, or editions.

They must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches. This standard size is widely recognised by collectors. Any size larger or smaller would not qualify as an ACEO.

But if you go to eBay, go to advanced search, check sold listings,  and you search for “ACEO cards” you will find that multiple cards are being sold every single day.

Not only that but you will find WILD price variations. 

You will find these ACEO cards selling from anywhere between .99 cents all the way to a few hundred dollars in some rare cases.

There is truly no rhyme or reason to it.  What we have is a market full of artists and some of them just do not know the value of their own art so they list it very low.

A good average price for these cards is between $5 and $15 bucks.  However you’ll find tons of great looking cards for between $1 and $3.

It would be incredibly easy to take the position of art card dealer and buy the underpriced cards up and relist them at fair market value. 

Simple arbitrage.

The beauty of it is you wouldn’t even need shipping supplies.

The cards would come to you when you purchased them, and you could resend them out to the new buyers in the same packaging when you sold them.

This is minimal effort, minimal investment, and maximum ROI.

Are there other markets like this one?  Of course.  But this one is such a solid hot little market, it’s just unique right now.  Very easy money in my opinion.

Of all these side hustles and quick cash strategies that I have talked about with you, I saved this one for last because it was the one that seemed the most fun to me.

Everybody is different.  I wonder which of these side hustles and quick cash methods resonated the most with you?  Which do you think you might try?

Bonus Tactics and Last Call…

First off, let me give you some BONUS tactics for making quick cash and side hustle income:

One) Textbroker(dot)com – This website will pay you to write simple content for people.  It’s sort of like a content mill. 

You get paid so many cents per word, based on how well you write.

Two) Iwriter(dot)com – This website is a lot like textbroker.  They will pay you to write.  Depending on the quality of your work you could make more or less.

Three) Medium(dot)com –  Medium is a pretty big deal these days with over 200 million people hitting this website a month. 

You only need 100 followers before you are eligible to start earning revenue share on Medium. 

If you make a point to comment on other people’s writing and generally just engage in the community, you will get those 100 followers easily.

With Medium, if you spend about 75% of your time commenting on other peoples work and about 25% of your time writing you will see your following grow pretty quickly.

There are all kinds of articles on Medium about how to grow fast and how to earn good money on the platform. 

Generally you try to write things others will be interested in, you try to stay in a specific niche, and above all with Medium, if you want a friend, be a friend.

The beauty of this platform is that it only lets people read 3 articles a month for free. 

After that it’s 5 bucks a month, which means that most of the people reading your work will be paid subscribers on the platform.

These are buyers.  That means if you build a following here, it is infinitely easier to promote affiliate products to them.



What a wild and crazy report this has been. 

We’ve talked about everything from art cards on eBay and easy Fiverr gigs, to Faceless Youtube channels and Smartphone apps that pay you to move around.

I hope that you have had as much fun reading it as I have had putting them together for you.  It has truly been a great experience. 

I want to leave you now with this parting thought…

“The only impossible journey is the one that you don’t start.” -Tony Robbins