7 Reasons Why You Should Use Amazon S3

7 reasons to use Amazon S3

Why Use Amazon S3 to Host Your Files?

Have you ever thought of a simple, secure, efficient and reliable online storage service?

Would you like a web service interface where you can store and retrieve whatever amount of data regardless of location or time?

Amazon s3 is the cloud service you need. It does not need expertise in cloud storage for you to use it.

With its simplicity, Amazon s3 will allow you to store bulky amounts of data online may it be web marketers, web-prenuers or retailers.

All you need in order to access the service is an active internet connection and a gadget such as a computer.

Find out why you should consider using the service.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Amazon S3

1.    It is an Affordable Hosting Solution

This is always the first thought that crosses everyone’s mind. The first question that comes into one’s mind before venturing into many activities is the cost.

How much does it cost? Amazon S3 is an affordable service since you are required to pay for the storage and the bandwidth that you use.

The cost on the bandwidth depends on the amount of files that you are likely to upload. Therefore, you need not to contend with high end server cost.

You only need to pay for the bandwidth that you will use.

This is because, your bill goes in line with the amount of data you use.

2.   It has a Scalable solution

It is important to note that Amazon S3 is absolutely scalable.

This implies that there is no limit to the bandwidth you are entitled to use or the amount of space reserved for you.

These parameters changes according to your needs and capability to acquire them.

Unlike most hosting companies, Amazon S3 does not apply limit to their plans such that once you reach the limit, you are slapped with huge extra cost, or your account gets suspended.

Using Amazon S3 implies that you are never at the mercy of a hosting company.

You are simply your own boss getting the service you need at your ability and capability.

3.   Amazon S3 is Reliable

S3 being provided by the world’s leader in web services, and with high level technical expertise, Amazon S3 is a very reliable service.

Amazon S3 makes it possible for any developer to leverage the benefits of Amazons massive scale without upfront performance or investment compromises.

With Amazon S3, developers are now encouraged to be innovative since they know that however big their businesses become, it will always be simple to ensure accessibility, and availability of their data.

4.   Self- Server Protection

Using amazon S3 allows you to lower the strain on the server that hosts your website.

Some files such as audio and videos can be very large as compared to the standard html files.

Therefore, an influx of traffic to get access to a given type of file may bring undue strain on your server which may at some instances knock it out.

Outsourcing the hosting of the large files to S3 implies that you may optimize your own server to host your website, and leave everything else to Amazon.

5.   First Class Data Durability

Amazon S3 offers a highly durable storage infrastructure that is designed for primary data storage.

There is redundant storage of objects on various devices across various facilities in an Amazon S3 location.

In order to ensure durability, S3 COPY and PUT operations store your data synchronously across numerous storage facilities before outputting SUCCESS.

After storage, Amazon S3 ensures the durability of your stored objects by rapidly detecting and repairing the lost redundancy.

In addition, Amazon S3 ensures regular verification of data integrity stored through checksums. If it detects corruption, repair is done using redundant data.

Also, Amazon S3, detects corruption of data packets by calculating checksums on every network traffic before storing and retrieving data.

6.   Amazon Is Very Secure

If you are in need of a very secure server host, Amazon S3 is the service.

Are you aware of what harm it may cause you in case of an insecure system that exposes your information without permission?

With this in mind, it is worth knowing how secure Amazon S3 is. S3 deploying multiple security measures depending on the sensitivity of the data.

This depends on who is intended to access the data and what privileges are granted to the user.

In order to ensure that certain data is exposed to right people, Amazon S3 will verify the integrity of the data stored through checksums.

Amazon S3 further safeguards your data through versioning.

You may use versioning to retrieve, preserve and restore each version of all objects data stored in your amazon S3 bucket.

With the versioning security measure, you may recover any application misbehaviors and failures and unintended user actions.

For instance, highly censored data is highly encrypted for only highly recommended parties unlike all user data that is set for everyone to view.

Moreover, there are privileges such as to read and write that are assigned to different users.

In addition, Amazon S3 security mechanism ensures that customers are allowed to innovate and scale at the same time.

Customers are allowed to pay for the services they use only. This means that you can get the security you need without having to pay extra upfront expenses.

7.   Enterprise-class Storage Management

You are able to simplify as well as speed up your big data jobs and business workflows with the S3 inventory.

With Amazon S3 CloudWatch Metrics, you understand as well as improve the performance of all your applications that make use of Amazon S3 through alarming and monitoring.

Amazon S3 Storage Management capabilities are well equipped with features that are designed to help you manage and analyze your storage in a better and efficient way.

Amazon S3 storage Management features gives a way for data-driven approach when it comes to data security, storage optimization and management efficiency.

In S3 object tagging, you are able to manage and control access to any S3 objects.

In addition, with Amazon S3 Analytics, you are able to analyse access patterns for storage and transition of the right data to the right storage location..

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