Press Releases as a Marketing Tool

Press Releases as a Marketing Tool


In this report, I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how I took a new niche web site to a number 1 search ranking on Google within a week of registering the domain name without spending as much as one penny on advertising – in fact all I did to “promote” the site in question was submit one press release, which cost absolutely

And I’ll show you the screen dumps to prove that number 1 ranking.

Thanks to it, the web site in question quickly began to generate income for me almost from day one – just through that single free press release submission.

Press releases are often overlooked as a marketing tool – but as I’ll show you in this report, press release submission has the potential to be a potent, powerful addition to your Armory for promoting your web site, affiliate products etc. and help to earn you additional income.

It worked for me – and it could work for you too. Read this report through a few times, make notes, get thinking then why not give it a try.

Press releases are not just for professional journalists. Anyone – including YOU – can write a press release quite easily. I’ll even give you a template later.

Press releases are cheap – just a few moments of your time – and can be widely submitted for free or little charge.

Your press releases can include your web site URL so if it gets picked up and published on the internet you’ll be getting automatic back links to your site as well as the exposure.

This can boost your search engine ranking. 

As I said a few paragraphs up the page, I used the exact method outlined in this report to take a new site to a number 1 ranking on Google and earn money from it from day 1.

Now I’ll show you how I did it……………read on……………..!

The Anatomy of a Press Release

Think of a press release as a short “advert” for your company, website, product or service. A brief article which has something to say but not necessarily “hard sell.”

That may turn people off and mean it won’t get published.

Instead – formulate your press release to be newsworthy (a unique selling point perhaps) and include links back to your web site so the reader knows where to go should they wish to find out more.

For example if your web site, product or service you are promoting is about dog training then your press release could write a few paragraphs on say 10 tips to train a dog to walk to heel and not pull on the lead.

You could go on to say that this is just one of the things your dog training web site covers, include some other benefits in the “about” bit at the end with the URL of your site.

Write it in such a way to make people want to visit your site after they’ve read your press release.

So, what makes up a press release?


A short, snappy, relevant headline that will grab the reader’s attention.


A short paragraph to summarize your press release at a glance. What’s it about – a second opportunity to grab the reader’s attention.

Main body

This is the “meat” of your press release. The point(s) you’re wanting to put over. Keep it reasonably short and to the point.

Don’t “ramble” or you’ll turn the editor off and you’ll probably never get published.

Contact information

How people can contact you should they wish additional information. And don’t forget to include a link to your web site!

I’ve prepared a sample press release template for you which is
included at the end of this report. Edit it as you wish to suit your own purpose.

Tips For Writing Your Press Release

Now a few pointers to help you with the writing of your press release: Include a “compelling” (but relevant) headline if possible. Grab the reader right away.

Keep it brief, relevant, succinct and to the point – don’t make any wild claims or exaggerations.

Put the most important, powerful wording in the first couple of paragraphs. Don’t issue your press release just for the sake of it.

Wait until you have something to say which is newsworthy. Aim for somewhere between 200-500 words. You want to keep the reader’s attention.

Think of your press release as a “mini web site.”

In effect, that’s exactly what it will become if published online so include relevant key words for the search engines to pick up as they index your published press release.

Aids your search engine ranking. Proof read your press release carefully before submission – absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors.

Include links back to your web site within the press release body if appropriate and certainly in your contact details. Again, aids your search engine ranking.

Promotion Using Press Releases

Have you realized now how you can use a press release to promote your web site or say an affiliate product by using a nicely prepared press release.

It has a “doubled edged” potential to gain publicity and exposure for your web site or product and enhance search engine ranking at the same time.

Including your URL within the body of your press release and your contact details will mean that it’s picked up and indexed by search engines which can mean many, many back links pointing to your web site over time.

And using a compelling headline and initial paragraph will make people want to read your press release and find out more.

More attention = more visitors to your web site = increased exposure = increased potential to make a sale of an affiliate product you are promoting from your site.

Or if you use Adsense on your site, more visitors via your press release can enhance your Adsense earnings.

You don’t even need a web site to use a press release for to promote a product. No – really. Here’s how……

Back to the dog training example, let’s say you’ve found a great dog training product on somewhere like Click Bank then instead of using your affiliate link in the press release, register a relevant domain name (costs very little) and forward the domain to your affiliate link.

For example you may register a domain name relevant to the product and just forward it to your Click Bank affiliate link for the product you wish to promote.

Include a link to your domain in your press release, any visitors will be directed automatically to your Click Bank referral link and you’ll get a commission on any sales.

Hopefully I’ve triggered your imagination at this point.

What are your hobbies, what interests you, what subjects do you have a particular knowledge of, what can you write about easily.

Get the idea…………? Good.

Now – here’s the actual step-by-step example of how I got that number 1 ranking within seven days just by submitting one no-cost press release.

Case Study – Actual Step-By-Step Example

Ok – here is the exact, step-by-step process I went through to take a brand new web site to a number 1 Google ranking within seven days.

And I’ll show you the screen shots to prove it.

First – I needed an idea for a very “niche” web site. Nothing to do with the usual subjects of internet marketing, making money, free stuff, whatever.

I wanted something very targeted. A niche within a niche if you will. So niche within niche I’d have minimal competition.

So I started to scribble down possible subjects and used a great bit of free software to help with my research. It’s called Good Keywords.

See for details.

What it essentially does is show you the number of searches a certain word or words have had per month on certain search engines.

I was looking for something which had a reasonable number of searches per month but not a huge amount. I didn’t want a great deal of “competition.”

Nothing I thought of gave me what I was looking for. The harder I tried to think, the harder it became.

So I gave myself a break – which, as it turned out, was exactly the answer and gave me my “Eureka” moment.

I own racing greyhounds. It’s great fun, but that’s another story.

Every Sunday mornings I visit my dogs at the trainer’s kennels, take them for a walk and give them a packet pf beef slices as a little treat. They love it.

This particular Sunday, another owner was walking his greyhounds.

After our walk, this other owner was fussing his dogs when he (owner, not dog…) pulled a nasty face. I asked what was wrong.

The reply came back that the dog had “farted” – or passed wind in polite terms. A spot of flatulence The smell was not pleasant.

And – that was it. Eureka! I’d found my niche within niche.

My web site would be on dog flatulence.

It was something I had knowledge of through my greyhound ownership so could write a web site using that prior knowledge and experience.

And I could insert Adsense and a few relevant Click Bank products to monetize the site.

I got home, fired up Good Keywords and typed in “dog flatulence.” It showed me that there had been 136 searches for that term on Bing.

It doesn’t show Google searches but I figured I could multiply that 136 by a reasonable factor – more people will search Google.

So – I figured that was that. Dog flatulence it would be.

My reasoning being that people searching for dog flatulence advice would be very targeted visitors – they really want to know how to cut down on their dog passing wind.

Next – I did some quick research in to what kind of money pay-per click advertisers were offering for “dog flatulence.

To do that, I fired up some more free software called PPC Bid Browser. See

This shows the approximate amount advertisers are bidding per click on Bing.

The PPC Bid Browser results for “dog flatulence” indicated a maximum bid of up to $0.49.

Again, I figured Google advertisers would be paying more so I was content that “dog flatulence” would be potentially profitable.

My next step was to search Google for “dog flatulence.”

I noticed that the search results did not seem to show and I wondered if it was registered to anyone or not.

I use GoDaddy to register my domains. At time of writing, a .com costs just $8.95 per year. Peanuts. So I logged in to my account. was available for registration – so I bought it on the spot.

Excellent. Now I had the most relevant domain name I could hope for relative to my niche. Now to build the accompanying web site. 

After you’ve built your site, you’ll need to host it somewhere. This is also very cheap and affordable. 

So – using my knowledge of dog flatulence, I put together a one page site and included Adsense code and some dog-related products from Click Bank.

Now I had two ways of earning from the site – Adsense and Click Bank sales. Right – site built and live in the internet.

Next job was to promote it a little to attract visitors. This is where the press release came in to play.

I wrote a few paragraphs for my press release being sure to link back every mention of “dog flatulence” back to the web site.

And also included a link at the “further information” bit at the end.

To try and immediately grab attention, I called the release “Dog Flatulence – Does Your Dog Fart?”

Now – if you had a dog with a bit of a wind problem, you’d probably read on from that headline wouldn’t you?

Now I had to submit my new press release. The place I chose to do that was It’s a free service.

Just visit their site and click the “add your release” link. Enter your details, insert your process release and submit it.

They will email you as soon as it is accepted – usually takes a day or two. Now – that’s all there is to it.

There are any number of other free press release submission sites out there. Just do a search for “free press release submission.”

I’ve listed a few later on in this report. At this point, I did nothing else to promote at all.

I thought I’d see if my little experiment would work. A couple of days went by – nothing.

“No worries,” I thought, “it’ll take a short while to get distributed and people to see the press release and links.”

A day or so later I checked my Adsense account – Bingo! had started to get traffic and clicks.

It had already started to pay me back for the minimal outlay it cost. Very soon each click would be pure profit!

My hosting account statistics log showed me that I was getting traffic from Google with the search term of “dog flatulence.”

And even some hits directly from the links in the press release.

So what did I do next……………? I fired up my internet browser, went to and searched myself to “dog flatulence.”

What came up (forgive the terrible cliché) blew my socks off. 

Here’s what came up on You can see that my new seven day old web site was already number six on

Just seven days after I’d uploaded the site to the internet and submitted that one press release through it already had a first page search result ranking on Google.

I really wasn’t expecting that at all. Nor was I expecting what happened next. 

I clicked in the “pages from the UK” radio button. It got even better as you can see. For UK sites (my hosting is UK based) my new domain of was ranked number 1 and the press release itself was number 3. How cool is that!

So I’d gone to number 1 within seven days and just by submitting one press release at no cost at all.

In fact, my total outlay was just $17.90 – domain registration costs for two years at $8.95 a year through GoDaddy.

A few Adsense clicks or just one Click Bank sale and it’s profit all the way.

My hosting was already paid for but you can pick up hosting through Lunar Pages at a very affordable monthly fee.

Ongoing costs are just the domain registration fees.

Of course, search engine rankings are extremely fluid and the site may not retain the rankings you see on the screen shots but whilst it is up there, it will attract traffic automatically.

Naturally, I will be undertaking other promotional methods such as traditional link exchanging to get more visitors to the site.

So there you have it – my actual case study of how I got a number 1 Google ranking inside seven days just by submitting one free press release and at a total outlay of just $17.90.

Can you see the potential here – this is something can be repeated again and again for almost zero outlay.

And each site has the potential to earn you money practically from day one.

Press release submission is just one weapon in the web site promotion arsenal available to you.

The case study I’ve gone through with you was my first experience of using press releases – and I can tell you for sure it won’t be the last.

I can’t guarantee you a number 1 ranking – I wish I could – but I hope by sharing my press release submission experience with you I have set you thinking about your own projects you can implement.