Doing Business on the Internet

Doing Business on the Internet

I remember a few years back when someone asked me what I did for an income and I told them I have an online business.

“No,” they said, “I mean full time, like a real job!”

That comment, as much as it hurt, hit the nail on the head, and got me thinking about what I was actually doing.

My online business wasn’t thriving, not like it should have been, and as hard as it was to admit it, the truth was I wasn’t committed to it, I was treating it like a hobby.

If you look at online entrepreneurs, all they have is their laptop, an internet connection and an idea. But they do a few things differently.

Here are a few suggestions I have since adopted to stay committed to my online business.

1. Show Up

This sounds so obvious, but one of the most important ways for you to stay committed to your business is by showing up, like you would if you were running a traditional company.

Arrive at work, stay there and leave when you’re done.

2. Focus on Your Business

To be focused is to know who you want to serve, what you want to serve and how you will add value to their lives.

Occasionally I’ve looked at a company and wondered how they make any money and then realize they are filling a need and they’re adding value to their customers’ lives.

3. Create Quality Content and Get it Out There

You need to have content on your site that keeps people coming back for more and they must want to share it and pass it on.

Include industry tips, comments and interaction and always remain true to your brand, from the style and tone and your service.

One of the key points to success online is to have a solid presence in terms of a website or blog.

Next comes the conversion.

Now that you have your website up and running with traffic, how do you increase the conversions on your landing page so that you end up making the sales that you want?

1. Use segmented landing pages for your keywords

One thing you need to know is that if you use the same landing page for every keyword that you bid on, you will definitely miss out on getting more conversions.

By segmenting your landing pages, you will be doing a better job at targeting your traffic and this will lead to more subscribers and more leads.

2. Focus on testing more than one version of your landing page.

Most people make the mistake of not testing various versions of their landing pages and so end up not getting a lot of conversions.

Sometimes, to experience a massive increase in response, all that is needed are a few changes here and there so ensure that you do some tests to figure out what those changes might be.

You might just realize that changing the background color of one of your landing pages actually doubles your conversion rate.

3. Look through your landing pages

Your landing pages should relate directly to the content the visitor wants to see.

Moreover, they should not be so busy that the visitor is at a loss on what you want them to do.

4. Check your calls to action.

They are crucial in leading visitors back to your site. Are they accompanied by big, bold buttons that look attractive enough to click on?

Test with different fonts, colors, and sizes. In addition, ensure that your calls to action offer value that is worth clicking on.

5. Go through your site to check how credible you look.

Do your claims seem believable and do you have a few testimonials on your page?

As an online marketer, what you want is your visitor to do just one goal of the page without getting distracted.

The above tips are sure ways of increasing your conversions on your landing pages.