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Work at Home Tips:

Time management can be difficult enough when the line between your job and personal life is clearly defined, but working from home produces all sorts of new issues.

You maybe inclined to put in additional hours while working in your PJ's and not feeling like you are actually doing "work" work. Contrary to that, you may be so much distracted by domestic chores and tasks that you may not be able to get anything done.

Some of these distractions come along in the form of:

These problems will amplify if you don't have a private office where you can close your door.

Below you will find a few suggestions for you to start with planning your situation to give you the best productivity strategies.

Tip #1: Designate Your Work Space

Even if you don't have a separate office space, it is important to draw the boundaries as separate as possible from the rest of your home. Low traffic areas and corners of a room would be better especially if you can have your back to the rest.

A divider would do wonders if at all possible to place.

Another important thing is to have wellorganized work area. It is highly recommended that you create folders for "Process", "Keep" and "Discard" materials.

You may need a separate folder for your current project as well, the idea being ability to find and place everything you're dealing with quickly.

Since you are working from home, in majority cases we can assume that you are reasonably comfortable with computer use and one incredibly useful tool would be Evernote. It is highly recommended that you master Evernote as soon as possible.

It is important to keep your desk free from pieces of paper all over the place, unrelated objects, so on.

Tip #2: Realize this is "Real Work"

Just because you are working from home does not change the fact that your livelihood depends on it. It requires your full comittment and focus.

One of the real problems with working from home is sticking to a set schedule and a minimum of dedicated hours to get your projects done.

If you've worked in the corporate world before, you can visualize that environment where slacking and procrastinating were frowned upon.

The same should apply to your work from home environment.

Tip #3: Set Your Schedule around Your Most Productive Time

Figure out when you are at the top of your productivity. Some people are night hawks, and others get up early in the morning and produce their best results. Whatever the case, set your work schedule around your high productivity time.

Tip #4: Stay Motivated

Always keep in mind why you wanted to work from home to begin with. Remember the chores of working a regular job, commuting long hours to and from, having to put up with others' rules imposed upon you etc.

Remember that you have a much bigger potential to make more money though your own business.

Always have a meaningful goal to achieve both monetarily and professionally.


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