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Webinar Software: WebinarJam Studio




Other webinar platforms charge exponential fees as you grow your audience... WebinarJam Studio does not! There's no "Tax for Success" here.

Bring the thunder, and we'll take them all in!

Responsive template designs

You don't need a programmer or a designer: simply pick any of our gorgeous built-in templates and you're good to go.

Your site, your design!

You can register people to your webinar straight from your own website under your own custom design and branding.

Email and SMS reminders

Automated email and SMS pre-webinar reminders so nobody forgets to attend the webinar!

Polls and surveys

Launch Polls and survey at any point through your webinar with the click on a mouse, and receive your audience votes in real time.

Public and private chat

Each webinar room has a moderated chat box that you, as the admin, can turn public or private. Moreover, you can send private messages and private questions, mute specific users, etc. The perfect tool to encourage interaction and to run Q&A!

Webcam and desktop sharing

Run a webcam conference, plus desktop-sharing features, and broadcast your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

Push real-time offers

With the click on a mouse, you can display any offer, link or clickable button in front of your audience. These pop-in call to actions will boost your click-through-ratios through the roof.

Mass-redirect your audience

If you want to redirect your audience to any website at the end of the webinar, or if you want to open a new page in their own new internet browser mid-way through the webinar, all you have to do is to type the desired URL in your admin console, and it will open it up for them right away!

Automatically record your sessions

Your webinar session will automatically recorded by the system and automatically uploaded to the internet so you can offer (or download) the replay video to your audience. You never have to worry about hitting that record button again.

Export registrants list

It's your Data, take it anywhere you want. You can Download a full list of your registrants, see who attended and who missed the webinar, who watched the replay, who purchased your products, etc. See all their details: name, email, phone, IP, etc.

Up to 10 simultaneous speakers

Conduct webinars with up to 10 simultaneous active speakers, all being able to broadcast their respective webcam, their screen, their slide presentation.This is great for virtual summits which is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend in webinar marketing.

Unlimited attendees

You can virtually pack thousands of people into your webinar… there's no limit whatsoever! And since our webinars are hosted in the cloud, they can take an almost unlimited number of people. Never worry again about "Max Attendee Limits" like the others guys.

Pay-per-attend webinars

You can charge a fee for people to register and attend., Now only paying customers will be able to register and attend the webinar. This is one of the hottest trends in webinars now. Registrants that pay to attend have higher show rates and higher buy rates.

Autoresponder integration

We integrate with all the autoresponder companies in the market so you can funnel your registrants straight into your mailing list. Webinars are one of the best ways to build a list.

Cross-platform compatibility

Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android…we love them all! If it connects to the Internet then it connects to WebinarJam Studio.

Embed the webinar window

Embed the webinar window to your own website so your audience can watch your live/replay sessions directly from your own site. Market where you want. We put the control in your hands.

Post-webinar target emails

You can automate targeted post-webinar emails, sending a different email to your registrants depending on whether they attended to the webinar, or whether they purchased your products, etc. Better targeting equals more post-webinar sales!

Detailed analytics

Monitor every single metric: visitors, registrants, attendees, sales, earnings per click, earnings per attendee, etc. You can only improve what you measure so this data helps you profit more on each webinar that you do.

One-click signup technology

With our hot-link technology, you can register people into your webinar automatically if they click a mere link!

Social media integration

Embed Facebook and Twitter share buttons in your webinar pages and see your webinars go viral and get you more customers

STUDIO is New From the ground up

All new written from the ground up with the Larval Framework to be the most full featured and most reliable Webinar platform on the market, Period. The WebinarJam STUDIO upgrade gives you new higher converting landing page templates, easy to use interface, and tools that just work!

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