Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Introduction Passive income. It’s the holy grail of online business, the dream every entrepreneur chases.  But passive income isn’t just one plan or income stream. It’s made up of several different types of cash flowing into your business, and one of the most … more

21 Ways to Improve Niche Marketing

The purpose of this report is not to find niches – there are other resources teaching you how to do that – but to help you analyze your list of niches once you have it, and to “prune” it … more

Amazon Income

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Amazon Affiliate Program There are tons of affiliate programs out there to choose from, but one that gets plenty of focus is the Amazon Affiliate program. Let’s look at some reasons why you should consider the Amazon Affiliate … more

How to Nurture Your List

Nurture Your List and Build Relationships To build a high-quality and high-ROI mailing list, you need to nurture and build relationships with your subscribers. This will ensure that yo … more

Repurpose Content

If you’re like most Internet marketers, you think in terms of “products.” You talk about e-books, reports, audio files, video files, and newsletters. To you … more

Best Ways to Utilize PLR

1. Respond to questions on Yahoo! Answers by excerpting or rewriting PLR content. 2. Use PLR content to create a “slideshow style” video that you load up onto YouTube. 3. Use PLR content to cr … more

34 Fill-in-the-Blank Headline Templates

1. The (SPECIFIC RESULTS) Bible: The (# OF STEPS) Simple Rules of a (PERSONAL WITH CREDIBILITY AND AUTHORITY) ‣ The 7lb In 7 Days Weight Loss Bible: The 5 Simple Rules of a 25 Year Celebrity Nutritio … more

Marketing Lines Part 4

The “Do The Math” The “quality product + affordable price = great value…”  tells your prospects a single math equation that … more

Marketing Lines Part 3

The “Hidden Link” The “if you don’t want to pay ($) for (your product’s name), just click on…”  tells your prospects that you are actually selling your produ … more

Marketing Lines You Can Use Part 2

The “Code Cracker” The “I’ve finally cracked the code…”  tells your prospects that your obsession or dedication to solving their problem has finally paid off. You could also tell t … more

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